Cebu's Iconic Landmark, TOPS, Soft Opens on February 14th, 2024

Monday, January 29

TOPS will soft re-open to the public on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2024! With its award-winning, old-meets-new design, this iconic Cebu landmark is finally opening its doors to the general public. 

This kicks off the next great chapter of the ever-evolving TOPS story.
After over a year of redevelopment, TOPS is now a vibrant complex of world-class yet affordable recreational activities and dining establishments. 

Flip Your Biz: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Cebu

Friday, January 26

The GREAT Women Collective, in partnership with HoliCOW PH, proudly presents "Flip Your Biz," a gathering of women entrepreneurs and luminaries of varying industries in Cebu City to share best practices, and foster important conversations on gender, business, and related socio-economic issues and impact.

Slated for February 1, 2024, this intimate gathering and workshop at Asmara Urban Village will convene up to 35 women representatives, each championing, if not already engaged, in Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GEDSI) efforts within their specialized fields and domains. 

11 Tips For Preparing Your Child For Starting School

Tuesday, January 9

Starting school is a big deal, for both children and parents. It’s a huge milestone in any child’s life and the start of a whole new life that is entirely their own. Starting off with the best school foundation can help them navigate the rest of school as they get older.

The experiences they have will all help to define what they get out of school and whether they enjoy it or not. As a parent, you can be part of making those foundational experiences as good as possible. If you’re wondering how to prepare your child for starting school, here are some of the top tried and tested tips for getting it right.

Start Talking About School

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