Whitening is iN???

Wednesday, February 10

I've been really curious about the whitening effects of some beauty products nowadays.
You know, whitening stuffs, glutathione and all..

They have even come in many forms. From the usual soaps to capsules to injectibles.
At first glance, I wouldn't mind taking one since I am part of the percentage of asian women who happen to belong under the fair-skinned.
I mean, I am proud of my color. I am proud to be brown.
But just the fact I don't seem to be confident enough about my skin. I am only 23 turning 24.
I guess, I should make a move on properly caring for my wellness and inner health.

At first, I hesitated due to the fact that this intakes costs about half a 100 bucks.
I still tried, thinking it would be a good risk after all.
Anyways, I'll have to witness and see the results myself.

To my surprise, everything came into account and the process went on for a month now.
I must admit I have noticing real effects and has brought me the confidence and the inner health I pervently need even before.

My officemates noticed how my skin glew. (Soon I'll be posting my before and after pics here..LOLZ! Just so you know)..

Anyways, not only that I noticed I lose weight. And became even more fit. LOLZ! I am really surprised.
I noticed my skin became smoother and my hair grew faster now...

I feel so much bliss! The money is all worth it guyz! Try it..:-)

Zipline Adventure

Wednesday, January 20

Hi Guys!

I am really sorry but it is a bit late that I haven't posted here on my blog site.
Anyways, I am back to share to you some of the latest happenings on my crazy world...LOLS!

Last December, the zipline advetnure we've all been craving for came to reality.
It all happened in Busay. The adrenaline rush went from the habal habal ride to the zipline ride.
I was nervous at first, I had to look at it . It was fun to see people on the ride. But when it was our turn to shine, I felt the my feet really cold.. LOLs!

Thank God for the harnesses we had on.. I was awed to see the line from one point to another.
The excitement I felt was all there. I surely would treasure those times..

Here are some of the pics: Enjoy!

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