Preparing For Baby's Arrival: What to Bring to the Hospital

Monday, July 23

The arrival of your new son or daughter is a time of excitement and joy. It's often a hectic time as well, so it can be difficult to remember to pack everything that you need to bring to the hospital.

About a month before the baby's due date, you should make sure you have the following items. Pack as many as you can beforehand.

You can use the following checklist as a guide to getting organized for the big event. :)
(This one is from my prenatal booklet handed to me by my OB-Gyne from Multicare Pharmaceuticals Philippines).

Most of my baby stuffs I got from the gifts given to me by my office mates during my baby shower. So, I only need to buy newborn pants, mittens, new born cloth (lampin) and my going home outfits also best to use when breastfeeding at the hospital.

You can also check out this site for more relevant items to bring with you upon your arrival at the hospital on this site here.

Also, don't forget to bring the following essentials especially needed in the hospital for medical/legal purposes.
  • Identification Card (ID) for you and your partner
  • Philhealth Claim Form 1 (duly signed by employer)
  • Updated Philhealth Member Data Record ( MDR )
  • Hospital Receipts and Bills just in case
  • Medical Note given to you by your doctor upon admission if you are under a private doctor, for those under maternity package (your copy of prenatal results and forms given by the hospital)
  • Medical provider ID (for those enrolled in a medical insurance plan i.e Maxicare, Philcare, etc.)
Hope this post helped you on your preparation for the coming of your newborns.
Anything you'd like to add to the list? Do leave your comments and share.

Till then,

My New Pair of Eyeglasses

Thursday, July 19

Finally got myself a new pair of glasses for the third time. I was really bragging about my eyes for a few weeks already. My eyes are going nuts and I cannot fully concentrate facing the computer at the office for hours. So, finally I decided to go get one at Ideal Vision Center at SM Cebu.

I was examined and the Doctor found out my eyes grade already went up a notch.
I always loved the glasses from Ideal Vision as well so that was my second time to head down there for an eye check-up. Glad to know they have this sale of up to 50% for the frames!

I was ecstatic, this is it! I'm going to get one now!
The frame I got was perfect fit and the glasses was as well. My eyes seemed refreshed every time I wear them. Plus, I only bought it for PHP2300.00. Our company insurance will have to reimburse us with it naman so no worries. I can avail up to PHP1500.00 for my medical plan. 

So, that was it. Just ranting about my new pair of glasses! Which I really adore.
Do love and take good care of your eyes guys!

Till then,

REPOST: TIPS for a Healthier Working Pregnancy

Tuesday, July 17

This is a Repost taken from an online site which I personally used as guide throughout my entire pregnancy. Read on!

There are things you can do to make your working life easier. Few ideas to make  a perfect blend of career and pregnancy include:

# 1 Don't be a superwoman!

Get rest when you are not at work and reduce household chores, especially when approaching the delivery date. Studies show that one and a half hour of extra rest makes a lot of difference; uterine blood flow increases, and the supply of oxygen and other nutrients to your baby improves.

# 2 Relax when possible

If at all possible, lie down on your left side for ten minutes during your lunch break on a floor mat. Else, just rest your head on the table or elevate your feet. Relax your mind and body.

# 3 When exhaustion overtakes you, leave work early

If you are commuting to work using public transportation, don't be afraid to ask for assistance with regards to a seat, if necessary, from the conductor or driver.
# 4 Negotiate a flexible work schedule

Work out a schedule that suits your health. If you suffer from morning sickness, ask about coming in later and ending your workday later. On the other hand if you are an early riser and get tired easily in the afternoon, ask to come in early and end your workday early.

# 5 Telecommute whenever possible

Try and work out such that you can group assignments and attend office 2-3 times a week. The balance days of the week when your presence at the office is not necessary, you can work from home. Another alternative is to work part of the day at the office and part of the day from home but ascertain you are always open for office contact.

# 6 Ask for help

If a project or assignment is causing your health to suffer, speak up to your boss about getting the help of a coworker or even a temp worker to fill in for you. If need be, request the project be reassigned to someone else and take a less stressful assignment.

# 7 Snack - time

To maintain energy levels and to avoid nausea & heartburn (common ailments of pregnancy), stock up a selection of snacks to work and eat something every few hours.

# 8 Pregnancy emergency kit

Keep the kit in your desk drawer. It should contain lemon hard candies to beat nausea, an extra pair of undies or sanitary napkin for incontinence accidents, an Evian face mister for instant cool-offs, and a cache of crackers, pretzels, wafer cookies for snacking.

# 9 Write notes

Maintaining a notebook at all times can offset memory loss in the first trimester. Note down important work reminders. Jot down anything you consider important for you to remember or act on.

# 10 Heroine you are not!

If possible, start your maternity leave a week or 2 prior to your due date to give yourself ample time to rest before the big day.

The Final Word 

You will probably decide on discontinuing work either on your doctor's advice or exhaustion. There are certain guidelines you should follow to minimize health complications that can worsen if you are working.

• If your job is more rigorous in nature entailing heavy lifting, climbing or bending below the waist you should stop work by week 20. But if you have moderate load to tackle with rest periods in between, you can continue working till about week 28. However you should consider giving up your job after conception if you are carrying more than one baby, had a previous miscarriage, or premature birth. Cut back on your work hours if you have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes or high blood pressure. Bottom-line: listen
 to your doctor's advice on when to quit your job, how many hours you can afford to put in and the nature of job you can continue with. Don't ignore your doctor's recommendations, no matter what your financial status. 

• If your job requires you to be on your feet all day, you should consider switching to desk job or stopping work beginning in your 24th week. If your job requires you to spend more than 30 minutes out of every hour on your feet, consider shifting to something sedentary by week 32.

Returning to work after baby:

Much of this depends on how you feel and the health of your baby. If all is well then returning to work is a personal choice. Whether you decide to take 3 whole months, less or more, some workday precautions apply as when you were pregnant.

• Avoid fatigue by taking short naps.

• Try to arrange to work from home sometimes.

• Go back part time rather full time until your body readjusts to your previous schedule.

• Push for a flexible work routine in order to accommodate to your baby's needs.

Above all, don't be afraid to enlist your husband's help with household and baby chores. Make certain to visit your doctor for a complete checkup before returning work. Take time out if despite your leave you still feel you need a break.

Till Then,

This is Us against the Odds (Pag-ibig na Pangmatagalan)

Monday, July 16

Life has all its twists and turns and sure to attest to that is the trials we encounter in each of our relationships especially with our beloved someone, I had my own fare share and though ours was definitely not perfect we managed to get through the lowest parts of time that we were together the things and problems we get through with having each other.

  US during our first month together

The story begun last 2011, when I had just resigned from my full time job to venture other seas looking for greater opportunities but turns out to be a failure and a waste of time and money on my part and his as well, that time I moved from our house to live alone as a boarder in Colon, Cebu. I wasn’t able to cope up with my new job then due to the working schedule (graveyard it is) that easily my immune system had dropped. 

Worst part is, a few weeks after I returned home after my resignation since my body was badly affected, he also lost his job. He was a project-based employee and under an agency based in Makati. It was hard. Definitely being both the eldest in each of our families.
The usual hangouts and dates, movies, dinner were put off and set aside and we would find ourselves staying just about at home at texting each other. Priorities changed. Fun was still there since we had each other through it all. I opted to make money out of my last pay and turned a little online business alive. I found myself selling pre-owned items on the internet specifically through my facebook account you can also view my post of my online venture here.

our online venture logo and name

While we were busy looking for full time jobs, we busied ourselves roaming around Ukay Ukay Shops in town. He was with me all the way though he had to travel a 30 minute ride from Parian Cebu to our home in Mandaue, Cebu. I enjoyed myself knowing I could still make money online. We would wash the Ukay Ukay items (pre-owned blouses and Clothes) before we sold them to our customers. I made sure it smells good and ready to use upon purchase during my meet-ups with prospect customers. We were glad that Tide came handy for us with Downy we achieved a better smelling product ready to be sold. Now, even more than that here comes for us the Tide with Downy product with which we could greatly use for our pre-owned clothes business.

Right then and there, my money quickly slept away since I had to send two siblings to a state college and had to provide for their daily allowances. The search for that coveted full time job continued for the both of us. Then, I eventually got hired by an American Company based here in Cebu. I was excited, we were excited and he was there always ready to support after almost two months of being jobless finally I now have a job. though he was still - searching.

Since the day came to us, I was endorsed for Physical Exam as a job requirement. At first, I was in doubt to take the X Ray examination. Yeah, I doubt I was pregnant since I haven't had my monthly visit since November. Come December, still no signs. I told him I had to test just to confirm if I really was expecting.

At 3 am that next day, I woke up with the kit in my hand and quickly did the pregnancy test. Surprised!

It showed - two lines! Which means, we were having a baby. I was two months pregnant already. I called him and when he found about it, he had to digest everything it was clear in his voice, he was not ready but his love for me and my baby won every fear he had. He had no job yet. It was like, what-are-we-going-to-do state for us. Mixed emotions.

The set up we had isn't easy at all. He had to come every night to visit me at home while I work full time. By February, he got hired. We were happy and finally he was too. Relieved that now he can raise us his family-to-be. We had troubled days, crying nights, those arguments along my pregnancy, that adjustment stage seemed unbearable for the both of us. We were expecting a baby out of wed luck and it wasn't easy for me and him as well. We couldn't live together due to these circumstances. Came Friday night, he would stay at home with me and sleep at home just so we could bond as I was pregnant. Every Saturday morning, he would help me with my Laundry. He would eagerly help me especially with the bedsheets, those huge bedsheets, I know I couldn't lift them with the baby bump plus the additional weight it had on me. Our typical weekend together having fun doing the laundry. 

my father and sister and him during his visits at home

Now, I am on my due. About to deliver our sweet little baby boy coming end of July or first week of August. I can say that amidst all the things we were in, we stayed stronger and forever grateful that the Lord God hasn't left us without nothing. He was our guidance and that sweet little angel as our inspiration to go along. 

me during my baby shower taken last July 6, 2012

Attest to everything we've been through is Tide and Downy which helped us get along the tough times. You may watch this video from Tide with Downy along with all the love stories depicting ("Pag-ibig na Pangmatagalan").

Tide with Downy Bangong Padala video entitled “Pag-ibig na Pangmatagalan”

Share the love. A love that is lasting and enduring amidst hindrances.

 Till then,

REPOST: 5 ways to look your best while preggy

This is a cool post for mom-to-bes like me to read.. :)

You’ve heard so much about this so-called “pregnancy glow” but why isn’t it happening to you?

First of all, this “glow” is purely hormonal and the result of an increased flow of blood to the vessels and even oil secretions on your face.

Secondly, it’s hard to hide the unease you feel about your body—hormones going haywire, your body adjusting to the new life it’s nurturing.

Instead of worrying too much about your ever-changing body, here are a few ways to feel beautiful during the 9-month wait.

1. Don’t become a couch potato.
Being pregnant seems like a good excuse to stay in bed all day and stop exercising. But women who are feeling bloated or experiencing morning sickness benefit from light physical activity throughout the pregnancy.  Try walking around your neighborhood, light stretching and pre-natal yoga.

Also, don’t see pregnancy as a license for excessive weight gain. According to WebMD, “In general, you should gain about 2 to 4 pounds during your first three months of pregnancy and 1 pound a week for the remainder of your pregnancy.”

Packing on too many pounds mean the weight will be harder to get rid of when you have your baby.

2. Visit the salon.
There was a time when pregnant women were not allowed for any reason to dye their hair or paint their nails. Nowadays, there are salon products that are chemical-free and said to be safe for expectant mothers. Certain nail polish brands and plant-based hair dyes now have preggos rejoicing. Before you get too excited though, it is still advisable to get the go signal from your doctor first.

3. Go make-up shopping.
What better way to feel pretty than to play with make-up! Try out a new lipstick shade that is out of the ordinary for you, or buy that facial highlighter you’ve wanted to push that preggy glow even further. After you’ve had your fun, you can always wash it off.

4. Treat yourself to a massage.
Thank your lucky stars that pre-natal massages exist nowadays! Many salons now offer this service to sooth the aching bodies of expectant mothers, so take advantage of it. A great massage can do wonders for your physical aches and your worries.

5. Fix the nursery.
Being hands-on with fixing your baby’s future room can help you relax and definitely get you excited about the little bubba’s arrival. The best beauty secret for pregnant women is happiness—and this activity will definitely put a smile on your face!

REVIEW: Skin So Soft Whitening and Firming Hand and Body Lotion

Thursday, July 12

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Avon has been known for its all time lotion favorites ever since it landed the Philippines and for more than 30 years had captured the hearts of many women of all ages.
I’ve been an avid lotion fan since then way back in high school and I must say I tend to get in touched with it on a daily basis.

The first time I got a grab on lotions was when I just turned 11 as far as I remember but ravaged the thought of having to use it again on my skin because of the greasy feel it has on me.

Now that I am 20-ish I can say lotions have greatly revolutionized and have even offered great variants around the market for the consumers to choose from thus, the cause of this blog post.

I personally love AVON’s SSS (Skin So Soft) array of lotions. Ultra Moisturizing Lotion, Intensive Whitening Lotion and the Whitening and Firming Lotion are amongst the ones I’ve tried. All were good that one can’t get enough of ordering as soon as one bottle got emptied, believe me I’m a self-confessed AVON Dealer/User. 

Here is my review on AVON’s SSS Whitening and Firming HBL

AVON PRODUCT CAPTION: Get Silky, sensual skin that tempts your loved ones to touch.

PROS: Non-greasy, moisturizing hand and body lotion, has the firming effect as soon as applied, whitening can be observed on frequency of use though, leaves the skin soft and smooth to feel and touch. Smells good and is soft and sensual. 

CONS: None.

TO USE: Apply generous amount to hands and body. Massage In circular motion onto skin until dry.

NOTES:  Item can be bought on AVON direct dealers or stores only. This lotion contains ingredients known to whiten the skin and improve skin’s firmness. With regular use, skin appears toned and looking radiant.

AVON SSS HBL comes in four variants:

  •                       Signature Silk Ultra Moisturization Lotion
  •                  Soft and White Intensive Whitening Lotion
  •                Soft and Sensual Whitening and Firming Lotion
  •                Signature Silk Replenishing Body Lotion

RECOMMENDED? Definitely Yes.

Come and get your own. 

Til Then,

Hashtag RIP Dolphy

Wednesday, July 11

The comedy king of the Philippines no other than Mr Pidol himself has passed away last night at exactly 8:43pm. As I was doing my nightly ritual half bath i was surprised to see my fiance read a text message from a common friend of ours which read 'patay na c dolphy' (Dolphy is dead).

To that i quickly instructed my brother to open the TV and watch for news for confirmation.
And it was it, CONFIRMED! The comedy king we all adore and respect had passed away to cardiac arrest.
He was 83. The one thing that really uttered out of my mouth were the words, "patay na jud c dolphy" (dolphy is really dead now.) and just like anybody else whose childhood went from the 90's i came to know of him as that old man on prime time TV with the name 'kevin cosme' in home along DA riles. Remembering the old times, my innocent laughs as a child and my affection for him and his family on that sitcom. I hope abscbn gets to pay tribute by airing the episodes.

I will surely miss him. Nonetheless, he has touched the lives of many Filipinos for decades.
he will be forever in my memories and that melody, 'home along DA riles, home along DA riles' keeps on buzzing in my ears just like an LSS song one cannot forget. 

To Mang Kevin, Pidol, Mang Dolphy, May you rest in peace with the Lord God.
Thank you for the laughter. 'problema ay may remedy, kapag may konting comedy.' indeed.

Here is a statement of his son eric quizon which i got from twitter since it trended even worldwide.

Till then,

MAGNUM: My First Bite

Tuesday, July 10

First saw this product being so popular on twitter by some celebrity I was following. Pictures on instagram always keeps me wondering what this ice cream sort of tastes or differ from the ones already out in the market. I'm a huge fan of Cornetto which I believe right now is a big no-no for me, being pregnant can give you those unsightly feelings of craving no one else could ever put out upon but believe me I ate this one and gave my first bite as soon as one of my office mates brought one during the baby shower they gave me.. hehe. Now that's a certified cheat day, huh? no to sweets but then I consumed it all. As far as my tastebuds are concern, this Magnum in almond is just about the same taste of chocolate one can get on the affordable ones out there. Mind you these choco indulgence thingy is a bit pricey and can already by you two sets of Cornetto at your own flavor of choice. So, then it was free given by my officemate which make it more delictable and enticing to eat. hehe... For the purpose of this blog I came out with some photos of it as a proof .. :) Take a look.

My Hospital Maternity Package

Maternity Packages for hospitals in Cebu has been of great use and help especially for mothers on a financial strife. Here in Cebu some of the hospitals I know that offer these are the following:

  • Cebu Doctor's University Hospital
  • Chong Hua
  • Cebu Maternity and Puericulture Hospital
  • Sacred Heart Hospital
  • Mactan Doctor's Hospital
  • North General Hospital
  • Velez Hospital
  • Perpetual Succour Hospital

I opted for the one in Perpetual since the facility is only a minute away from my office. As I had my first prenatal check up for the maternity package at Perpetual Succour Hospital here in Cebu, I knew that I had to go through a lot especially with processing of the requirements. Below is their requirements for enrolling in their Maternity package:


  • Attend the orientation at OPD (out patient department)
  • PHP750.00 PHP1000.00 for the prenatal fee for the first visit, (PHP750 PHP1000.00per visit as soon as the 5k deposit is complete)
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Blood Type
  • Operative Record (if you have been previously operated)
  • HBsAg
  • Pap Smear
  • Ultrasound
  • Uric acid
  • Blood Certificate of Donor (to be presented on the 5th visit), if AB+ pay for the cash bond of PHP2,000.00.
After accomplishing all the requirements, have it photocopied and attach to your OPD form upon application and present the results to the OB-Gyn in charge (per team you are assigned) for interpretation at the 2nd floor Delivery Room.

  • Bring OPD Form and receipts
  • No Accompanying
  • No Epidural or Ligation
  • No Lana (oils)
  • Normal Delivery - PHP5,000.00
  • Ceasarean Delivery - PHP15,000.00
  • Normal Delivery - 3 days ward (FREE)
  • Ceasarean Delivery - 5 days ward (FREE)
For more info about their Maternity Package Privileges, you may contact (032) 233-8620 local 120 (OPD) or local 249 (DR) or you can visit their website at

They also have discounts for laboratory fees of up to 30% which is good and beneficial.
Prenatal consultations starts at 12:00 noon every M-F except T for first Saturdays of the month they offer Mother's Class with free snacks just make sure to be there on time!

It was a rather great opportunity and privileged for me but as soon as I got regularized from my current company I opted for a private doctor to be able to avail of my insurance medical benefits.

Anyway, I hope this post helped you with your search.
More power to all expectant moms out there and have a safe delivery!

Til then,
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Reads: The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks

Friday, July 6

It's been a long time since I read novels way back in highschool and so when I got pregnant I had no time to go out to hang out since it's pretty tiresome having to carry the baby with in my tummy as I stroll along. 
I found this new alternative for my free time. And so I was back again to reading... hehe. 

I'm not really that of a bookworm but I love reading some really good novels, especially this one from Nicholas Sparks. It was my first time to buy a brand new book for the sake of reading since I was used to borrowing some from my cousin who happens to be in Singapore today.
So, I spent PHP315 on this item not bad for a good book. 

The cover

The back with the Synopis (click on the image to view)

I wasn't wrong, this book is really worth the buy. It got me hooked that it's the first thing I read early morning when I wake up haha! The characters are so real and the love story keeps me going to read it more and more. I haven't finished it yet but as soon as I am done, i'll post my first ever book review here. ;)

Anyways, here is the site for more Nicholas Sparks Books and reviews! Enjoy!

it hurt sometimes

Pardon me about this very emotional post.

You know we all deal with some personal issues each of our lives. And I know for a fact that I myself is never an exemption. I have always dreaded having that prosperous life with my family that even lead me to pursue my goals each and every single day.
As the eldest, I know I should be the breadwinner next to my parents who are now by the way aged 57 and 55. Who happens to have already quit each of their jobs and is now focused on part time endeavors.
My Mom is a dressmaker and is working at home. My Dad (tatay) is doing part time jobs as a carpenter working for long hours and driving his bike all the way from Alang-Alang to Liloan (where he works) to earn just a little bit of money to support us.
Sometimes it hurts me to see them struggle. Sometimes I don’t get it why we have to be experiencing all this when some are enjoying the (good life) as they say it.
I have been supporting them since 2008, when my Father lost his job of over 15 plus years in a furniture company when the recession came. Well, we could never really tell what is going to happen. So I managed myself to get a job and forgot about pursuing my review for the Engineering Board Exam. A thing I wish I did even so before (im sorry tay, I failed you) always keep bumming in my head even to these days.
Sometimes it hurts me to be in a company of people who even cannot relate to what I am going through. Who even think of it as a mere poor thing (Looy), pathetic, to the point that I sometimes tend to hate and blame my parents for everything forgetting all the things they did for me.
Sometimes I wish I chose the hardest path to take so when I reach the end I will taste my sweet success and share it with them my parents.
I know Nay, Tay that I am not a perfect daughter. I always have that tendency to argue and question both of you.
Sometimes it hurts me to see both of you hurt. But always rememeber this (itaga nyo sa bato!) - I will never ever give up on this! I will fight for our family even if I know soon you’ll be having your cute apo (grandson). I hope he grows up to be a strong man unlike me. I hope he grows up to help and make his grandma and grandpa happy much more than what they deserve.
Sometimes it hurts to see the ones you love the most get hurt.
Soon I will be a mom. And soon I will be experiencing all this as I raise my future son Nicqo.
Nay , Tay I hope you forgive me for all these.
I love you both so much and Boryong, Shiela and Gabriel.

Review: Sweet Honesty by AVON

i just started loving this scent. Ever since I became pregnant to my first child i've been easily irritated with perfumes and scents but this one didn't fail me. I used it in the office, the rollete really do come in handy. read on for my review on this product.

Sweet Honesty - The scent of breathtaking innocence.
PROS: Has that light and soft fragrance perfect for everyday wear esp for teenagers and grown up women as well.
I have witnessed Sweet Honesty since my childhood days and how the scent for over the years has not changed at all. It has been one of my favorite ever since. When I joined AVON, I was glad that the new dealer’s kit came with the Sweet Honesty perfume (comes with the spray and the purse concentre).
Avon calls these scent a floral heart blooming with Honey, Citrus and Vanilla. It’s scent never goes out of time and trend.
SD Alcohol 40-B, Fragrance, Benzophenone-2
This is a mild, light fragrance that reminds me of ivory soap and baby powder with just a slight touch of musk like woodiness. The smell almost reminds me of a freshly bathed newborn baby. Fresh and clean and innocent. 

Sweet Honesty is a signature Avon fragrance, one that has been around since at least the early 70’s. 

The cologne is available in a 1.7 ounce spray bottle for PHP399, but occasionally Avon offers Sweet Honesty in the slim purse sized roll-on bottles, which Avon refers to as “rollettes”. Which also comes in handy and cheaper for only PHP99. The bottles hold a very light colored perfume, with a pink cap and Sweet Honesty written in bold pink letters. 

This is a cologne, not a perfume, but yet it still lingers for several hours without having to reapply. 

This is definitely a feminine scent that is unobtrusive, and works well for a young girl. When I sold Avon, I never had any women order Sweet Honesty for themselves, (it was always for their daughters). Likewise, I feel it’s a bit too inexpensive smelling for my tastes, but it’s a perfect first perfume to introduce a young girl to the world of fragrance. 

Avon also sells Sweet Honesty in matching: 

* Anti perspirant deodorant 
* Shimmering body powder 
* Perfumed skin softener 
Would you love to order one?

Review: Avon Ultra Colour Rich 24K Gold Lipstick

Rich and creamy lipstick infused with real 24K gold particles for instant sparkle. Lips look luminous, soft and smooth and feel moisturised. Glides on smoothly and stays colour true.

AVON Ultra moisture rich 24k Gold Lipstick

PROS: Over-all great gliding color moisture, gives the lips a glowing finish without the heavy feel.

CONS: The packaging, the one which i brought easily gets broken. :(



I have used this lipstick way back 2010 when it first came out here in Cebu.
I must say that this one is another breakthrough product from AVON’s lipstick line.
It has gold infused in it which gives you that very sparkly shimmer.
Also, it easily glides thru the lips and feels light. Great for everyday wear.
It is elegant and works great especially on wedding occasions, anniversaries and even on for parties. ;)


Want to try this out?

Review: Lipstick casings - A Comparison

Hi everyone!

A few months ago or so I have bought one lipstick from AVON also popularly known as their Shiny and Sheer Lipstick. It has then caught my attention as I was browsing the brochure since the price is affordable and the packaging is really cute. :)

I have come to compare the effects with these other lipstick from Tupperware Brands. The pakaging of the lipstick from Tupperware (fullerlife) Brands is not that appealing compared to the the one from AVON.
It can be messy since the lipstick is not a glide down or does not turn down once you turn it (i cant really descibe the word) hehe. But well, as for AVON it is nice and neat. plus no mess on the package or the casing. 

Here is a picture:

The one in light pink on the right is the one from AVON. The one on the left is the Colorfull lipstick from Fullerlife now Tupperware Brands Cosmetics Line

Both Lipsticks minus the caps:

You can observe that messy lipstick stain with the one on the left. :(
 Mainly because it is non- retractable it leaves that part showing on top unlike with this one from AVON or the modern casings now which can fully retract up to the bottom minimizing it's blot on the case.

A comparison on both colors and shine on my hand for both products:

They both look good on me but I'll have the more of the reiew on my next post guys :)
Hope you take into consideration these litle things before making a purchase on these lovely items.

More of it on my next post.

Till Then,

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