DAY 7 - Fave Eyeshadow Color Palette

Thursday, January 31

Hi how are you doing today?

My question for the challenge is a tough one since I am an eye makeup type of girl.
I love colors especially on the eyes and perhaps for me the eye is the most catching feature a woman has and accentuating it with the perfect shades of shadows would be unkaboggable! (cannot be outwon).

I have tried  various eye shadows as well from cosmetic brands like AVON, Ever Bilena, Colors Cosmetics (Colour Collection from Tupperware Brands) and also some China made products in the market.

BEAUTY BOOT CAMP: Keeping it Clean!

Thursday, January 24

This is a repost from ELF Cosmetics


We all have and store our cosmetics, Here I would like to share one of ELF COSMETICS tips in cleaning our kikay kits! Read On!

OOTD: Get your freak On!

Tuesday, January 22


Posting my OOTD today!

I love this look.

The shoes are thrifted. Bought it for only PHP120.00 pesos! They are so comfortable and just fashionable at the same time. It is a designer shoes from Italy.

What do you think about this look guys?

Do hype this on LOOKBOOK!


Till then, xo

Day 5 - What is your favorite lip product?

Sunday, January 20


Thanks again for dropping by into my blog. It's Sinulog once again here in Cebu and I am just so sad that I myself could not make it into joining this year's Grand Mardi Gras. It is already my second year in a row since last year I just got pregnant with my first baby boy A.

So today, I will be appreciating the TV programs just as always have been. Off to blogging now, since Baby A's sound asleep.

My fifth day of the 30 day make up challenge, and today I will be answering the question, what is my favorite lip product.

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As of the moment, my favorite lip product are the ones from LA Girl , you can read my review on that HERE .
I also love the Lipsticks from AVON, lately I have been raving about their Ultra moisture rich lipsticks in Rose, I hope to do a review soon.
The products I want to try out in the near coming days are the products from MAC and the Matte Lipsticks from NYX.

That's it for me now!
Thanks for reading and keep you posted on my challenge as well as my latest hauls.


My Weight Loss Resolution for 2013

Thursday, January 17

--> Hello everyone!
It is me having to blog about the New Year and the 2012 holidays that was. As for all the occasions tolling the year, Christmas and the New Year tops all of it all.

Top resolutions we all have and promised to take is to loose all the pounds we took in and added.
One can't deny the fact that good health is one of our top priorities especially when one is a Mom, like me who just recently gave birth last August. Mind you, I gained lots of unwanted fats especially on my belly area.

I would greatly admire if I would achieve my figure back again. I am on the search for those diet programs as well on the internet and looking out for the motivation to limit my food intake. I just had a baby and the urge to eat is sky rocketing! Most so if you are breastfeeding.. Moms out there can definitely relate to what I am blabbing about. =) While some out there abruptly lost all the fat, where did it all went? So jealous i am i know. Well maybe it is not us at all, It is just all in our metabolism.

Good thing, our friends from Sure Slim Wellness Centre

Day 4 - Do you like wearing foundation?

HI Lovelies!

How is your day today? I hope everything in your life is going smoothly.

Today I will be answering the 4th question for the 30 day makeup challenge.

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I don't usually wear foundation daily to work. I allow my skin/face to breathe from all the chemicals on my face. I usually just dab on my powder from Johnsons and Johnsons to get that fresh and oil free look on my face. However, early in the morning I do apply a facial cream/moisturizer from AVON you might want to read my post HERE.

I do wear BB creams the ones I used were from Maybelline but I eventually stopped using it since it increases the oiliness in my face. I am on the look out for that perfect Matte Foundation in the market.
I am a fan of concealers as well. They help hide my blemishes.

That's it for me now.

How about you? What products of foundation do you wear?
Leave your comments. I would love to hear from you.


Miss Cebu 2013 Winners

Last night, January 16, 2013 was the pageant and coronation night of the Miss Cebu winners for this year 2013. I was watching it live on TV that night shown at Studio 23 Live from the Pacific Grand Ballroom Waterfront Hotel and Casino here in Cebu City. The event was hosted by Andrew, Ma Elena, and Karla Paula Henry two beautiful ladies and one smart and gorgeous guy.

Twelve lovely candidates coming from the different regions of Cebu vied for the title.

And the winners wearing the color for 2013 Emerald Green. I really adored the gowns designed by Cebuano designers, definitely World Class!

 Photo Credit: 

Holiday Makeup Seminar

Monday, January 14

How is your day goin?
Mine, a bit nerve wracking and bit tired due to sleepness nights taking care of my baby boy A.
He is now on his fifth month and mind you unlike all those months this one is the most hectic. He's been really very active lately and we have had to adjust out of everything that has been going on. This motherhood life for a new mom like me isn't easy. But I am glad i have all the help I need to surpass this few changing adjusting life.

Last December, December 8 to be exact, I joined a Make up seminar held at Dollface Cosmetics (Dolled Up Studio and Make Up supply) here in Lahug, Cebu City.

Day 3 - Favorite Brand of Makeup?


Great Monday to everyone!
I am now off to my third day of the 30 day Makeup Challenge.

I am still a new beauty blogger and from then I haven't used so many beauty products.
The ones which I opt to purchase are the products from AVON.

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They are of high quality and really suit the Asian skin and the kind of weather we have in the Philippines.

As of the moment. I am loving The face shop blusher and the eyeliner from PALLADIO.
I am still not at the stable point of saying or choosing my favorite yet since I personally haven't tried much of those high end make up products as of the moment but hoping to eventually try soon.

For my skin care, I am loving OLAY and MAXIPEEL.
I also use AVON skin care products such such the Rose Hip toner and cleanser as well as their moisturizer.

The make up brand which I am hooking to try for this year are REVLON, MAC and MAYBELLINE.

That is it for me now. Till Then!


Day 2 - How did you learn to put on makeup?

Friday, January 11


Down to Day 2 of my challenge and the question above how did I learn to put on makeup?

Well, I guess I have had shared my take on when I started putting make up on my face.
I cannot really remember the exact date that I was able to put make up on my face I just started with some lipgloss and face powder and that was just about it.

I think, my girl cousins first introduced my entire teenage days to make up =).
They were a bit older than me so I got the chance to see how they applied those make up on their pretty faces.

When I started college there I came around applying some lipstick and mascara from time to time.
I think that is about it.

How about you? How did learn about putting on makeup?
Do Share.

till then!


DAY 1: When did you start putting on makeup?


I am doing this challenge and today will be my first and second day. The questions are all listed here .
As you may all know if you have read my post HERE, I am doing this as a tag post. 
So, you might want to check out this blog for updates on this make up challenge that I am doing.

As far as I can remember, my first encounter with make up was when I was still 5 years old.  well, my aunt used to place makeup on my face and dress me up like I was some sort of a doll.. back at school, I was a dancer, and you know the trick to fancy our already pretty faces , are but a dub of powder, lipstick and blush-ons... I just love looking pretty, if I was really. From that time I was a teenager I got myself quite comfortable wearing just lipgloss and a little powder on my face. I started wearing makeup occasionally when I reached college.

That's it for now.

Four Seasons of Vanity

Thursday, January 10

FOTD Post for today:

That's it for now! Have A nice Thursday everyone!



Wednesday, January 9

Reposted from

The Cebu City Tourism Commission, Cebu City Tourism Foundation and the City of Cebu is inviting everyone to the Pre-Pageant Night of Miss Cebu 2013 on Sunday, January 13, 7:30 p.m. at the Ayala Center Cebu Activity Center.

Get to know the twelve official candidates as they journey toward becoming the 29th Miss Cebu. The 12 beauties vying for the prestigious title this year are Marie Ann “Ann� G. Maraon, Therese Christine “Timay� E. Llamada, Janessa Fe “Ja� M. Alcarez, Frances “Je� R. Dy, Marivee Ann “Mavee� C. Velasquez, Reinalyn “Rein� A. Nonol, Patricia Ann “Trish� T. Estuart, Namrata Neesha “Neesh� L. Murjani, Ely Rose Apple “Apple� S. Angcon, Maria “Yang� S. Gigante, Maebelle Erica “Erica� C. Barro and Mary Lorens “Lorens� V. Goyenechea.

The candidates will be wearing the creations of some of Cebu’s top young designers. Ann, Timay and Jan will be wearing Roni Yu’s creations; 

By: Roni Yu

Tutorial: How to Tell that HE is just not into YOU


How is your day goin' today?

I am back again to share to you some of my knowledge on guys.
They are adorable. yes. But they can also take advantage of you girl.
Warning: This post is intended for teenagers specifically those who are at the stage of dating, courtship, and whatever you call it type of getting-to-know, getting-hitched thing much worse when you are friend zoned.

My Baby Boy ADI (my cutie pie)

Tuesday, January 8

Ever since I became a Mom, I've always felt the overwhelming joy it had brought me. One cannot compare the feeling of being able to finally meet and see the life that was once growing on the belly.

I personally love the fact that I am a woman and that with that I am now able to deliver to the world such an amazing creature that looks a lot like his dad. =). Some parts like his grandparents and more so, having a baby is just incomparable to any material thing in this Earth.



How is your day today?
Thank you once again you dropped by colorfullBliss!

My blog has been around for quite some time but I haven't quite updated it since just July of last year 2011 when I eventually turned it into my very own Beauty Blog. Although I am not a pro about anything Beauty, I started this blog more of the wanting to know and develop myself also.

So, with that I am having this 30 day make up challenge web log which will start today. =)

photo credits:

REPOST: Makeup Tools 101: A Beginner's Guide

Friday, January 4

Girlfriend, I know your makeup bag is bursting with, well, makeup, but to get the most out of your cosmetics collection, you need the right tools for the job. Take your makeup application to the next level. Behold: Makeup Tools 101. Written by Karen,

Makeup Tools

photo credits:

Remember using those tiny sponge applicators with play makeup when you were a kid? It's time to ditch those wee makeup brushes and wands that come packaged with compacts and eyeshadow palettes. Sure, they'll work in a pinch, like when you're running late for work or need a quick pre-date touch-up, but to get the most out of her makeup collection, a girl really needs the right tools for the job.


Hi Lovelies!

How's your day today?
I am so excited to be able to read my mail today. I got an email from Danika Holmes. She is a Singer/Songwriter from Nashville, TN. She asked me to do a music review for her song "How to be Beautiful" and I was so inspired by the music and lyrics of hers.

Danika is also giving away the song for free in her site You might want to check it out too!

The song really revolves about how inner beauty is what is all that matters above all.
How each one of us exudes our own beauty regardless of age, race, color.
We ought to be beautiful inside and out.

By the way, here is the video. Hope you love the message on it as much as i did. =)

The Lyrics

Last December Make up Haul

Hi Everyone,

Hope you had a blast last Holiday Season. 2012 was an amazing year for me. I gave birth to an adorable baby boy and got my blog updated/turned it into a beauty blog. wink! (",)

Ever since I've been into beauty web-logging, I've been also posting my own beauty product haul posts.
Which I admit, I am already doing even before I started this beauty blog.

So, today I would like to share my hauls last December =)

The items I got were:

  • PALLADIO eyeliner in midnight blue - this was given to me by my office mate as a christmas present. ( i adore presents! thanks miss Zenia!)
  • Simply Pretty Lip defining pencil in Nude - i bought this at AVON for only 59 pesos! I tried it on and is easily glides on my lips. 
  • Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick from AVON in Jubilee Rose - I love the color! I bought this for only 150 pesos!
  • Ultra Moisture Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick from AVON in Nude Perfection - Finally! i found a perfect Nude lipstick I wnat to try this one for that smoky look. bought it for only 250 pesos! =)
  • I Make you Pretty face blusher from FACESHOP in Orange Syrup - it is a gorgeous blush. It highlights your cheeks too! 

That's it! I'll be posting review on them soon or so I might wanna try to post a look here in my blog using this babies!

What you think?


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