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Tuesday, April 30

Hi Lovelies! Great day to all! Today, I will be announcing the winner of my first ever giveaway. =)
Thank you to all who have joined my giveaway. Do stay tuned for more giveaways here on island girl adventures. =)

And without much ado.................... Drum roll pls.................

The winner is......

Congratulations!!!! =)

You may email me your COMPLETE NAME, AGE, ADDRESS at racinz07@gmail.com within 3 days.
If you fail however, I will be picking another winner for this giveaway. So email me now... or tweet me @iamracinz.

Enjoy your prizes.... ♥

Till my next giveaway!


Smashbox Style Files Eyeshadow Palette: A Swatch

Tuesday, April 16

How's your day been?

For the longest time, I can finally post my swatch on the Smashbox Style Files eyeshadow that I got recently from my fellow blogger Milna of MilnaMania. I got this as a prize for being the Commenter of the Month on her MOM (Milnamania of the Month) for JANUARY. =) Thank you Milna!

So down to the item, I got which I find a great addition to my eyeshadows collection. I've been loving eye makep lately.

The Packaging:

The SHADOWS: It comes with a Mirror, which I like about it since I could easily see the colors on every application. The box contains matte, shimmer eye shadows.

I use Shadow #3 and #4 for the smokey eye look. It just goes perfectly. =)

The Swatch:

What I Like:
  • Feels light on the skin
  • Stays on for a long time.
  • Rich colors, just little product and can give that glamour in the eye.
  • Blend-able colors.
The Look
Finally, here is my look using the Shadow #3 and #4 and #5. =)

So far, I am loving this palette. Have you had these too? Share yours.
Please leave your comments!

Thanks for Reading! 

God Bless and Have A Great Beautiful Day Ahead! ♥

75 Subscribers Giveaway

Monday, April 15

Hi lovelies!

My simple blog has reached 75 subscribers!! Hurray!!  and with that, I'd like to give back to all my loyal readers and followers, I am giving a simple token of appreciation to everyone. Yey! so cool!

One (1) lucky winner will be selected and will win this items!

This will run from April 15 to April 30, 2013. The lucky Winner will be announce this coming May.
Giveaway is open to Philippine residents only.

To qualify, enter here via Rafflecopter and follow the instructions: =)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So, what are you waitin for? Join this giveaway and win this cool prizes!

P.S. Items used in this giveaway was bought by the author of this blog. 

Skin Care: Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize

Wednesday, April 3

I have been starting to get conscious about my face since I have places my utmost closest attention on facial products especially make up. At the age of 26 and turning 27, I know I have aged and had to take care of my precious face.

I really aspire to have that flawless skin but unfortunately I don't. My face is no exception and it frustrates me sometimes to see those blackheads and oiliness that comes with it. My T-Zone is like so shiny you can swipe an oil blotting sheet and get it damped right then and there.

So, to end this misfortune that I so call, I am immensely taking this beauty ritual on a regular basis. I usually do just wash my face with just soap and water but then, I wanted to get that smooth and blemish free skin. I know sometimes I do have an unhealthy diet and I bet I should also start there. I'd like to take that opportunity to finally be conscious of what I eat. Maybe I'll do a separate challenge for that after this Skin Care 101 stabilizes and be part of my routine.

If only I have all the means to find and get a hand at all the Beauty products and facial treatments I would love to. But for now, let me just stick to these products that are affordable and somehow really work for me and my skin type. =)

First Step: Cleanse
I use the cleanser from the Tea Tree facial care set from AVON and the Eskinol Deep Cleanse Facial Cleanser. First, I wash my face with the tea tree cleanser. I love it cause it has micro beads present that will really get down on the pores of your face, but I only get a pea-sized amount. What i don't like about it is that it is quite rocky and somewhat strong on the skin but for me it just serves its purpose since I have an oily type of skin. It feels really refreshing after washing my face with it.

What I use for my face after washing and scrubbing is the Deep Cleanser from Eskinol, I love this product since it can gently clean away dirt and makeup on your face. Plus it also prevents blackheads and also whitens! =) This is what I am using as of the moment but the one in green variant is what I really love.

Second Step: Tone

After all the scrubbing and those deep cleansing on our pores, we need to apply a toner to tone down the pores of our skin. Toners help to close out the pores and get that smooth and flawless face. What I am using as the moment is the one from PONDs. It is an oil solution toner, perfect for my oily skin. What I don't like about this product is that is that stingy feel after I placed some on my face. I prefer the one from AVON though since it is much gentler and has that soothing effect on my face right after application. I can feel my skin now and has soften and is much smoother. Makes me want to purchase toners from AVON. For only 129 pesos why not.

Final Step: Moisturize

I love this moisturizer! I use it for day time and I apply it before my liquid foundation. It sits perfectly and it whitened my skin. I love this product so much! It also has SPF great for the sun's heat especially when i am out for errands.

AVON Rose and Rose hips whitening cream

And here is a look of my face after a 2 weeks of using the cleanser and toner products. For the moisturizer, i have used it for a month now and I would definitely repurchase. I can't go out without it. =)

What you think about it? What are your beauty rituals?
Please leave your comments....

Till my next post! Thanks for reading! ♥

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