Mommy Ina Reviews: Sophie Magic Pink Cream

Friday, September 27

Hi mommies and fellow beauty enthusiasts!!

I've been wanting to do a review on this product for a very long time hadn't I been busy.
I left the office early today to take care of baby Adi since Nanay accidentally got sick. Nakakaawa talaga si Inay. I have no Yaya and helper at home, I am a working mom and I leave Adi to her for like the whole day.

How I wish that I could decently find myself a good helper who I can entrust Adi with. He has grown so fast and he is really very sipat (kulit) in bisaya. So to cut the story short, I was home to once and for all attend to my toddler little boy.

So much for that, let's get with the review of this product which I have been really loving since the day I got my hand on it. =) 

 (Sophie's MAGIC PINK Cream)
one minute to naturally look pink

Magic Pink is formulated using plant extract. It turns skin into rosy pink within 1 minute of application. 

i love that it comes in a tube =) i can easily squeeze a pea-sized amount from it.

the consistency of the product is watery (water-based ingredient) and the color at first is white as shown above on my hand. 

 After spreading the product on my hand...

What I love:

  • it's water based.
  • it's payoff is more of a natural pink unlike other cheek tints that are too red or too obviously red on the face.
  • it stays longer. the color is there even by the next morning.
  • a little goes a long way for this product. =)
  • affordable for only PHP85.00 at Sophie
What I don't like:
  • the tube.... =)
Have you tried this product, too? Let me know your thoughts.

till then ♥

Sitcom Night

Monday, September 23

Struggle Sunday!

Hi Mommsies!

Had a very gloomy Sunday. =( Just sad that I have not fulfilled what was expected and planned.
Today September 22 is not a really good day for me. I don't know why no matter how hard we try to make things for at home still there are ups and downs and today, it's a down one. =(

I was hoping for a good stroll at the mall but my body isn't cooperating at all. *sigh* I might as well start retaking vitamins. Can anyone recommend something? I have been taking stresstabs. May alam ba kayong effective na pang anti depressant? Gamot sa mga moody moments? honestly, I don't understand my moodswings. I am thinking maybe it is just because of the side effects from CS operation?

I don't really know. I really want to ask my OB or anyone who has the same experience as mine.

Whew! What a Saturday!

Saturday, September 21

Good night guys!!!!

How was your Saturday? Saturdates or Just like me staying at home for the whole day except for kanina where I spent time going outside to buy formula milk for Adi. You know, so far I am enjoying my mommy moments with son but this time around it's different. Sobra akong pagod. Nanay is not around kasi to make bantay Adi and help me out. Pero buti na rin at least I can manage to do things on my own and not depend on her for everything. 

Adi has already turned 1 year and today he is already a month ahead of 1st year. My, kakapagod mag-alaga ng bata (toddler) who is already learning how to walk on his own. Yes, you are right, He now manages to walk on his own.

Baka pag may time I'll post some pictures of him walking outside our house. As in grabe, kahit anong bagay na makita kukuhanin niya. Stressful talaga. Ngarag ang show ko. But worth it pa rin!

Sinusulit ko ang time with baby. Yan talaga ang buhay pag working mommy. Bawi bawi din pag may time. =)

Fiance A, works overtime kasi on weekends that is why it is really a tough and challenging day for me.
But i still feel accomplished. At least naka pag laba pa ko. Was able to wash our pillow cases and blankets while baby's taking a nap. 

Whew talaga! this Saturday is the best so far..... na test talaga ang super mom powers ko! 
happy na rin coz bawi bawi din c fiance bukas. Family date and i'm excited makakalabas na rin.. at gala galore!


have a great night guys! tomorrow I'll post our gala gala-pag-may-time photos.

Thanks for reading. God Bless!

Certified Mudra: the day i first held Adi

Wednesday, September 18

if you've read my post on my hospital maternity package, here are some of the photos that my fiance A took from the hospital nursery. Some of you may not know it, but i delivered thru CS and at that point i was still having/enduring the pain from my fresh operational wound. the cut that i had was vertical as per opted by my OB-Gyne since as per her it heals easily daw since not much veins are being cut. As much as i want to share my delivery i would choose to share it next time. *wink* but for now, here are some photos of my baby adi: 
Born: Aug 03, 2012 at 6 lbs via CS section, 7:03 pm

My Baby Adi still at his 1st week (August 2012)

Pictures were taken at the PSH nursery, he stayed there for a week to cure the Urinary Tract Infection that he got while I gave birth to him.

Those were our first bonding moments together. Once in a lifetime experience that I will truly cherish for the rest of my life.

FOTD: my no makeup Makeup Look!

Hi there loves!
I hope you are having a great day today. As for me, not so... you know i've been really trying to get rid of my belly fats post pregnancy. controlling my food intake is not easy. just this morning, i am having nausea. =(
so sad. i don't feel like knowing my body any more. i don't know if it has to do with oatmeal or milk that i am eating constantly as for the weekdays lunch. if you have any idea about this please let me know. =)

today, i will be posting my fotd. =) yey! well, im suddenly vain today. haha. so, please try to bear with me.
i'm also gonna be doing this on my blog so i'm quite hopeful that you (my readers/followers) would like this.(?) (if not-please feel free to message me at twitter @iamracinz. or leave me a message at the comment box down below this post. =)

are you ready? =) here we go......

i hope you like this no makeup makeup look of mine.
feel free to comment!
Have a great day ahead. ♥

See you on my next post.

I am Against Cyberbullying

Monday, September 16

I just read from yahoo today that a 12 year old girl committed suicide after months of being cyber-bullied.
Her death is the latest in an apparently growing phenomenon of youths driven to taking their own lives after suffering cruel treatment online via text and photo messaging applications. - Yahoo Philippines.

At one point as a mother, it is really inevitable to monitor our kids constantly. As for me, Adi is still a toddler and by the time he grows up, I couldn't imagine having to deal with this kinds of  treatment.

Some ways on how we can safeguard our kids:

( image)

“Cyber bullying” is defined as a young person tormenting, threatening, harassing, or embarrassing another young person using the Internet or other technologies, like cell phones.
The psychological and emotional outcomes of cyber bullying are similar to those of real-life bullying. The difference is, real-life bullying often ends when school ends. For cyber bullying, there is no escape. And, it’s getting worse. Read on to get the facts.
  1. 1. Nearly 43% of kids have been bullied online. 1 in 4 has had it happen more than once.
  1. 2. 70% of students report seeing frequent bullying online.
  1. 3. Over 80% of teens use a cell phone regularly, making it the most common medium for cyber bullying.
  1. 4. 68% of teens agree that cyber bullying is a serious problem.
  1. 5. 81% of young people think bullying online is easier to get away with than bullying in person.
  1. 6. 90% of teens who have seen social-media bullying say they have ignored it. 84% have seen others tell cyber bullies to stop.
  1. 7. Only 1 in 10 victims will inform a parent or trusted adult of their abuse.
  1. 8. Girls are about twice as likely as boys to be victims and perpetrators of cyber bullying.
  1. 9. About 58% of kids admit someone has said mean or hurtful things to them online. More than 4 out 10 say it has happened more than once.
  1. 10. About 75% have visited a website bashing another student.
  1. 11. Bullying victims are 2 to 9 times more likely to consider committing suicide.

What can you do to help stop cyber bullyiing?

Leave your thoughts!

Till then,

Rihanna Live at Manila MOA Arena

Friday, September 13

my girl rihanna, oh i've been a fan for so long! and she's coming! Oh em Gee!! *cry*

Rihanna Diamonds World Tour will be in Manila, Philippines this coming Sept 19, 2013.
And only to my dismay since I know that it'll never happen or occur that I will be seein her LIVE and IN THE flesh!

you know my reasons, if you are a mom living in the southside of Pinas.
i got other priorities now, you know. but im dreading i really wanna go.... if Only a Miracle happens *wink*

anyways, below are the concert ticket details:
RnB/Pop superstar, top selling digital artist of all time and 6-time Grammy winner Rihanna Live in Manila on September 19, 2013 for her DIAMONDS WORLD TOUR at the Mall of Asia Arena.
Ticket Prices:
SVIP 1st 17 rows (1-Q) – P26,990
VIP 18th-30th row (R-DD) – P21,710
Patron Seated – P16,430
Patron Standing – P11,150
Lower Box A – P13,260
Lower Box B – P11,150
Upper Box – P4,810
General Admission – P1,960
For ticket orders and best seats available:
Contact Charlemagne at 0917-8334223
Few VIP and VVIP seats left, contact 0922-8334223
Please text full name and what section for your order.
Rihanna has sold over 37 million albums and 146 million digital tracks worldwide, and currently holds the record for top-selling digital artist of all time.   In 2012, Forbes crowned Rihanna as the #1 social networking superstar with more than 60 million fans on Facebook and 25 million followers on Twitter in addition to owning over 2.7 billion views on YouTube/VEVO – the most for any female artist.  Rihanna’s impressive catalogue of hits includes 12 #1 singles, including “We Found Love” which spent 10 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, 18 #1 singles on the Billboard Dance Club Song Charts, and 22 top 10 singles.
Rihanna Live at MOA Arena Seat Plan
Little Asia Rihanna Concert Ticket Promo:
Avail 20% discount in Little Asia Restaurants, just present your Rihanna Live in Manila Tickets.
Little Asia Branches:
-Tomas Morato, QC
-Promenade, Greenhills
-Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill
-Lucky Chinatown, Binondo
Watch Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour Live in Manila on Sept. 19 at the MOA Arena. Rihanna Live in Manila Tickets are also available at SM Ticket outlets
Presented to you by MMI Live
- See more at:

Are you gonna be there??
Please let me know.

Till then,

Fitness Pursuit: Tryin' to get rid of Rice

Been wanting to lose some weight for quite some time now. I've gained maybe 5-10 lbs (from a 120+ to 130+ lbs) after I gave birth last 2012. Mind you, it's really tempting to eat. My stomach shouts at almost anything *grin*, it's hard to go on a diet especially for me who is religiously breastfeeding Adi until now (been a year).

I don't skip my breakfast since that's the most important meal of the day for me. I don't want to get gutom (hungry) when I go to work as much as possible. The added energy that I need is from there so I eat and drink Milo. *wink* let's skip the milk for late nights.

For lunch, I skip rice and eat something else. This time it's bread with my favorite Calamares (fried buttered squid)

I pair it with my favorite mayo and the ever famous YAKULT! 

I might say, my stomach was filled though. Thank God! I thought I would not but I might as well get used to this. I'm happy that I am already a step closer to my goal.... to lose weight.

Well, hopefully this routine would go on as I please. Discipline is key here. *wink* So, the best of luck to me.

*I am also looking into eating potatoes, brown rice and oatmeal as my rice substitute.

That's it for me today!
See you in my next one....

Till then,

Makeover Thursday: Pretty in Pink

Thursday, September 12

My own version of College Acquaintance party look for my beloved cousin, Leah.

"Pretty in Pink"


AVON ideal white Liquid Foundation 
AVON Whitening Day Cream in Rose Hips
Fanbo Compact Powder in Honey
AVON Holiday Collection Eyeshadow/Blush palette

Beauty Treats EyeShadow/Blusher palette
AVON eyeliner pencil in Black
CARELINE eyeliner pencil in Soft Brown
AVON Supershock max masscara

LA girl lipstick in last night

What do you think about this makeover?
Feel free to comment. Thanks!

Till then!
Cherios ♥

My Baby Essentials

Friday, September 6

Since I have become a mother to Adi last August, 2012, I have been searching for products that would suit  him, and what is best for him and his delicate sensitive skin. As mothers to our Babies who require our full tender loving care I have came up with this list, most of the products available are quite expensive and might not really suit our babies, that is why for me as a busy working career mom, I am taking this task if not so serious but in a budget-friendly perspective.

With my Adi now at 1, I am happy and grateful that he is such a good boy. A little but ample amount of effort is taken to take good care of him since he is not the type who likes to cry out for just about anything unlike other babies that I have seen growing up to. He is the type who'll just sleep, eat, and poop! I am a lucky mom.

But so much about all the ramblings, today I will be sharing with you some of the trusted products that I have been religiously buying for him up until today. Down to the list:

I use Cetaphil on his face. It's so gentle and is available for only 85 pesos.

For his hair, I use Johnson's Baby Shampoo. It's no tears formula is what i am really going for. Available locally for only 50 pesos.


Chamomile Oil (RHEA) product that I used on his tummy, shoulders and forehead right before he sleeps. I just rub a little amount on him to avoid flatulence (PANUHOT OR KABAG) he might get from the air blown from our electric fan at home. =) I love this since it has a nice scent and the oil is not hot after application unlike other oils I have tried on him, doesn't irritate his skin AT ALL. ♥ Available locally for 45 pesos.


Oilatum Bar Soap for his body. It fights off irritation and is very gentle on his skin. It is also good for diaper rashes and other skin rashes. I love this product. It is also odorless. =) Available at drug stores for only 120 pesos.

I use this to protect him from diaper rashes. =)
Petroleum jelly is an oil-based emollient (it repels water), which makes it a long-lasting lubricant to smooth and protect rough and dry skin. How? Emollients help to replace lipids by filling in gaps in between skin cells. The result? Soft, well-hydrated skin. (
Available locally for only 30 pesos.

And that's it! 

Have you tried other baby products, too?

I would love to hear from you.
till then,

Just Another Mini Haul

Wednesday, September 4

Hi lovelies!

Blog hiatus for quite some time.
Here is just another mini haul that I got from last month.

Some of the photos of the products I got were saved at my laptop at home so I might as well just post the first one that I saved. =)

I have been really busy and this will serve as a blog update for all the followers who religiously if not still visit my humble blog. Thanks to you =)

Some of the items.

I will be posting an update very soon. My sincere apologies for this very quick and short post.
Curious to know what these are? Leave your comments! =)

Thanks! see you on my next post.

Keep Smiling! ♥

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