Looking back: My Motherhood Journey in Pictures

Monday, November 24

I still yearn for those days, the moments...
A baby just grows up so fast .. I wish i could turn back time through these still images.
This has really been the most wondrous moment of my entire life and i would not change it for anything.

What's your treasured moments with your beloved lil ones mommas?
Care to share?

have a great awesome day ahead! and thanks for reading!

How to Invest Your Time Wisely ( a Repost )

Tuesday, November 11

“If only I had more time!” How often have you said that? In a sense, time is a universal leveler, because the powerful and rich have no more of it than do the lowly and poor. Furthermore, neither the rich nor the poor can accumulate time. Once it is gone, it is gone forever. The course of wisdom, then, is to make good use of the time we have. How? Consider four strategies that have helped many people to invest their time wisely.

Late Post: Life Lessons from the Teleserye The Legal Wife (a repost)

Friday, November 7

1. Trust your woman’s instincts.
Monica had long been suspecting Adrian of being unfaithful to her, but she chose to trust him and became the last one to know about Adrian’s extra-marital affair.
Any wife should trust her husband before she doubts him, but it’s a good thing to remember that a woman’s instinct is oftentimes a great built-in alarm system.
2. Being a mother doesn’t stop, even when a marriage crumbles.
Monica could have gone to pieces after knowing that the two most important people in her life—her husband and her best friend—betrayed her. But Monica shows us that even if she’s struggling with so much pain, she stayed strong and continued with her life. Uppermost in her mind is her son who needs her and is dependent on her.
3. Even if a man fails as a husband, do not take his children away from him, especially if he has been a good father.
Monica did not communicate with Adrian for two years. During those years, Adrian didn’t have communication with Bunjoy and their baby Martina. When Monica and the kids came back to the Philippines, Adrian had a hard time bonding with Bunjoy and his daughter. To them, their daddy had become a stranger.
The Legal Wife, in a roundabout way, teaches us that no matter the differences between a husband and a wife, the children should not be taken away from their parents. When they went to America, Monica could have allowed Adrian to maintain communication with his kids.
4. Distance does not always mean “escape.”
Monica leaves for the US because she knows that staying in the Philippines, where she is near Nicole and Adrian will affect her sanity. Putting as much physical distance between her and Adrian also makes her emotionally stronger and help her heal and pick up the pieces of her life.
She said, “Kailangan kong lumayo, para maging malakas.”
5. Forgiveness is a balm that fixes a broken family.
Before Monica tells Adrian that she will have their marriage annulled, she forgives him first.
Forgiveness is a balm that fixes broken relationships and puts a family back together. If forgiveness creates something beautiful out of something ugly, doesn’t Adrian deserve another chance from Monica? Will Monica find it in her heart to forgive the man she still loves and who loves her back?
6. Avoid falling in love with a man who is romantically linked to your best friend.
When Nicole fell in love with Adrian, she forgot about her friendship with Monica. Her concern has become how to get Adrian for herself.
At some point, she stopped caring how her love for Adrian is affecting her best friend’s family and marriage and how it is ruining their long time friendship.
It is a lesson that a best friend should avoid. In this situation, place your friendship above any guy.
7. The greatest revenge is a successful life.
Monica comes back after two years more beautiful and more established in her career. Her independence and the positive changes in her life make a stronger statement than if she sought negative ways of getting revenge on her husband and her best friend.
8. Be a best friend that speaks the truth, like Rowena.
From day one, Rowena (Nicole’s best friend) never made Nicole believe that she has any reason to fight for Adrian and their relationship. She tells her upfront that she is only the “mistress, number two, andquerida” of Adrian.
This teaches us never to lie to our best friends if ever they are erring in their ways. The truth will hurt them big time but it is the only way to “set them free.”
9. There’s more to the mistress than just being the other woman.
In The Legal Wife, Nicole is not just a cardboard character. We get to know her as someone who has never felt truly loved.
Her father was close to Monica and not her. When she loved Max, Max loved another woman. In Adrian, ironically, even though Adrian has a wife and loves Monica, Nicole feels whole and loved. And once more, she clings to a man who is never truly hers.

source: Abscbnnews.com
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