First Philippine Summit on Health Care and Social Media 2015

Thursday, January 29

The 1st Philippine Summit on Social Media and Healthcare will be held at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Cebu this coming Feb 21st of 2015 in Cooperation with the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development. The theme for this Summit is "Synergies in Social Media and Health Care".

The Summit brings healthcate professionals. academe, health care industry, patients and advocates together to discuss the role of Social Media in healthcare.

Registration is Free, although Slots are Limited.

Organized by: #HealthXPH (, in cooperation with the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD)
 #HealthXPh is a collaborative effort by healthcare stakeholders (e.g. healthcare professionals, healthcare institutions, academe, patients, policy makers) to discuss and use, emerging technologies and social media to positively impact the Philippine health landscape. The Core Collaborators are Dr. Remo Aguilar, Dr. Gia Sison, Dr. Iris Thiele Isip Tan, and Dr. Narciso Tapia. (source: 
Twitter: Twitter hashtag: #hcsmPH (for updates) Facebook:

That's it Mommsies!
Hope to see you there!

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5 things you can do with your Mason Jar

Tuesday, January 27

Hi Mommsies!

I hope you had a great weekend.
If you haven't noticed or know yet, I have been recently interested and hooked on DIYs and Rustic Stuff.
I also have been hooked on instagram.

Today, I wanted to share with you some DIY stuffs you can do with your Mason Jars.
I purchased my first mason jar from my office mate for only 150 pesos and I must say, these jars are the bomb. I can use them for cold, hot drinks, salads, and also for my favorite shakes.

1. Mason Jar Cozy - you can create your own cozy as much as I want to but I will post my own DIY cozy next time. This is perfect to  keep your mason jar pretty and also protects your hand from condensed water from cold drinks or shakes as you hold it. Its perfect to keep your warm drink warmer for long periods too.

@sanderandsam (instagram)
2. Mason Jar as Gift - mason jars are perfect for your personalized gifts. Need I say more?

@modern_domestic (instagram

3. Mason Jar Storage - they are the perfect storage buddies for just about anything.

@mason.jars (instagram)

4. Mason Jar Salad - I love healthy foods on my mason jar, and i know you do too.  

@mason.jars (instagram)
5. Mason Jar Detox - It's so refreshing to look at. Just perfect!

I am so excited to try out these cool stuffs on my mason jar. I also love the idea that it is so versatile and so easy to carry and use. Since I am on my cleansing days this year, I am going for the Salad in a Jar DIY and the Cleansing JUICE DIY using my very own versatile Mason Jar. If you wanna know where I purchased my Mason Jar, It is from @monte_jars. Do follow them on instagram. If you are from Cebu, Since they are Cebu Based mason jars seller.

Which DIY stuff do you want to do with your mason jar?

Hope to hear your ideas too..

Take care mommsies! Dont' forget to share this post to your mason lover friends.

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Brique Modern Kitchen

Friday, January 23

Hi Mommsies! What a great way to start my post by saying, Good Morning!

I had a blast last Sunday, Sinulog 2015 happened here in Cebu simultaneously with the visit of Pope Francis. It feels wonderfully awesome to be a Filipino at this time at age doesn't it?

Last week, I also had a chance to finally visit and dine with my office mates at Brique Modern Kitchen.
This is a new kitchen that just opened last August 2014 here in Cebu. And I was really loving the whole design and ambience of the place. It's more of a resto - cafe of sorts to me.

I don't know but I love Rustic stuffs nowadays ^_^

img source:

what we had 

My personal favorite from the appetizers menu is the Truffled Shoestring Potatoes. =) Definitely something new to me and I could not believe I've eaten so much of it. Truffled Shoestring costs about PHP250. I am also giving their pastas a thumbs up. Definitely a must try!

I also personally love the Salads, their a bit new to my taste and it doesn't feel messy when you eat it.

photo taken from my phone
Overall, I loved my dining experience at Brique. The place is cozy but not too shabby. Food is served in less than 12-15 minutes. And the staff are very accomodating. I'd definitely go back there with hubby and Adi with me. =)

Brique Modern Kitchen:

Address: Salinas Drive, Lahug Cebu City beside Chikaan
Parking: Yes
Wifi: Yes
Operating Hours: M-F 10AM - 11 PM
Sat and Sundays: 7AM - 11PM

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ViVa Pope Francis!

Sunday, January 18

Hello Mommsies!

It's a Sunday. And it's time for another edition of Yo Momma Reflects (God Speaks to me). I love that I can get to share with you some of my own life's experiences here in this blog. And I am glad that some if not many get to have their comments saying that they learned a lot from my posts. Thank you! And keep on keeping on.

This January, lots of things are going on in my head. Like:
 What do I do with my life? How will I raise my child in the best way a mother can? Will I ever make it until he graduates from college? What's the best diet pill on Earth? Will Allen ever propose to me for yet our Church Wedding? What am I going to prepare them for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner? How will I ever pay my pending debts?
It ranges in greater wavelengths, I know. A mind I have is a bit complicated. And im jealous of women I know who are very detail -oriented. Knows what they want and need for their family. Knows How and what to do and what to prioritize. It's never getting into my head that way. I am easily swayed but what I see and how I feel about things, my thoughts and the people-pleaser that I am.

As I reflect, As I see and sit and watch my TV while Pope Francis is waving his hand to my fellow Filipinos, I can say it is true. God is real. That He is there.

img source:
This visit calls to mind what Jesus did as recounted in the Gospel.  In Matthew 9:36, Jesus after “seeing the people, felt compassion for them, because they were distressed and dispirited like sheep without a shepherd.”
And like the Good Shepherd of Whom he is the Vicar here on earth, the Holy Father saw the suffering of his flock. He felt compassion and comes to us bringing “the joy of the gospel” to revive our “drooping spirit” and to lead us to greener pastures (cf. Psalm 23).
The message the Holy Father brings with him challenges us to imitate Christ, the Good Shepherd, who is Mercy and Compassion. 

I Can only imagine how it would be to show the world that I can do things I wanted to do. I want to make an impact to someone else's life. I want to be the Hero. And Being a mom is one. Being a breadwinner is another.

A woman can only hold and keep so much endurance and strength. To give her all For the people that she cares a lot for.

For her family and her children. No matter what/who they may be. No matter what the odds may be.
She will do it.

In a way, in His eyes, I know and feel that - we are all equal. We are all the same.
We are Longing for his Compassion and never ending Unconditional Love.

Yes, it's true. That if we just hold on to what we have and try to make the most out of it. We can surpass the strongest storms and the most destructive quakes.

 What we can do for Love.
We can achieve greater things.

Yes, we are all God's Children.
We belong to Him.
  God Bless Us all and Viva Pit Senyor to all of you!
Viva Pope Francis!
Glory be to God!

What have you learned from this post? What are you thoughts and feelings about the Papal Visit to the Philippines?

Let me know in the comments down below.
Hope you have a great day ahead and thanks for reading.

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This is My Year

Sunday, January 4

Hi Mommsies!

Happy New Year to all of you.

Thanks for being a part of my 2014, it was a year of many struggles and battles won.
It was a year of hardship and a year full of good realizations.

posted via my IG

This 2015, I wish for all of us to prosper in our passions, family, and most of all ourselves in making our motherhood journey a much brighter one.
my 2015 goals =)
repost from instagram

Let's shake off the negativity and learn from one another.

This is my year.
This is our year.
Happy 2015 my friends!

To all my fellow mom Bloggers out there, Cheers to us!

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