JobStreet advocates for Fair Hiring to eliminate exploitative recruitment practices

Thursday, March 9

Leading online job portal JobStreet intends to enhance its commitment to eradicating unfair hiring practices by cracking down on the exploitation of Filipino workers across the nation. Its parent company, SEEK, is focused on Fair Hiring with the intention to improve working lives by putting an end to exploitative recruitment and modern slavery. This initiative advances as modern slavery continues to rise significantly.

The Philippines faces its own unique risks, according to the 2022 Trafficking in Person Report: Philippines by the US Department of State. The report showed that the local government recorded 1,802 victims, of which traffickers exploited 535 in sex trafficking, 501 in forced labor, and 766 in unspecified exploitations.

Moreover, Filipino workers are disproportionately at risk of falling victim to exploitative recruitment practices due to the export of approximately a quarter of workers to work overseas. The hidden nature of domestic work set within private spheres of employers’ households and the informality of arrangements typically practiced enable the exploitation of vulnerable OFWs and in some cases, forced labor and trafficking.

According to Undersecretary Rosemarie Edillon of the National Economic and Development Authority

(NEDA) it is estimated that in 2023, 1.5 million Filipinos are expected to enter the labor force, which is more than double the 600,000 before the pandemic.

In response to the high volume of jobseekers, JobStreet has continued its ongoing endeavor to develop the platform to best meet the needs of those helping to be employed through well-suited career opportunities and valuable support including the vetting of safe recruitment. One of the first steps JobStreet has taken to implement safer practices was the hiring of Scott Stiles, Special Advisor of Fair Hiring in Asia.

As far as what Fair Hiring means to JobStreet, Stiles explains that “Recruitment is one of the high-risk activities that can lead to modern slavery, therefore the purpose of the Fair Hiring Program is to improve working lives by eliminating exploitative recruitment.”

For years, JobStreet has had teams focused on spotting job advertisements thus making the company one of the most trusted employment marketplaces within most markets.

Led by Stiles, JobStreet along with parent company SEEK, enacts these processes top-down with the understanding that it needs to “walk the walk’ for itself, thus prompting the rolling out of companywide discussions for customer-facing staff in order to make sure that everyone at the company feels the importance of its purpose and it engaged in keeping the platforms safe.

Trusted by around 30,000 employers in the Philippines and more than 12 million candidates, the platform’s commitment is also demonstrated through its dedicated online security team which regularly surveys the site for evidence of suspicious job ads and advertisers so that they can be removed immediately. The platform’s Terms and Conditions act as a means to ensure that all job ads on the site are for legitimate job opportunities.

Furthermore, JobStreet continuously educates the workforce on spotting potential job scams and actively screens exploitative recruitment schemes.

Regarding the role that JobStreet can play in advancing Fair Hiring, Stiles explains,“ most forced labor situations start with recruitment, whether it happens through a recruiter, family member, or on social media. Connecting people to safe jobs is the best way to eliminate situations of forced labor and modern slavery. JobStreet has teams dedicated to ensuring JobStreet is the most trusted platform for candidates and hirers.”

Stiles believes that the platform should serve both employers and candidates, reflected in its approach to screening for potential partners. “Many companies claim a social purpose. But truly impactful companies align their social purpose with the core competencies of the business. The ones that are most successful can do this in such a way that benefits their clients, employees, and ultimately shareholders—making our marketplaces safe benefits candidates and hirers alike,” says Stiles.

JobStreet’s vision has always been to connect businesses with talent and improve lives through better careers. By leveraging world-class products to match talented job seekers with reputable employers across South East Asia, both parties can expect efficient and safe matching on the platform.

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Lalamove offers Fleet Management program to manage drivers and vehicles more efficiently with maximizing fleet potential

Friday, March 3


Lalamove, the leading on-demand delivery platform, believes that now is an ideal moment to begin anew, thus providing aspiring entrepreneurs with more business opportunities through its Fleet Management Program for large vehicles, such as L300 and trucks.

With the upcoming summer festivities, businesses expect the peak season with orders pouring in. This is an opportune time for fleet owners to maximize their assets and earn more through the on-demand delivery platform.

Focus on flexibility

Lalamove’s Fleet Management offers a lot of benefits for fleet operators and partner drivers

as it allows them to operate either full-time or part-time. Part-timers can juggle having a side hustle while maintaining their full-time job or another business. Fleet

owners can register an unlimited number of vehicles that can be tracked and managed

through the platform, ensuring more efficient fleet operations.

The vision of the same-day delivery platform is to combine ease and profit, which led to the

creation of fleet operations. The brand has been putting efforts into developing platforms for

the transport and logistics industry to give everyone a chance to “be their own boss”,

especially aspiring Filipino entrepreneurs.

Productive investment

Fleet operations are lucrative in nature, but the main benefit of joining Lalamove’s Fleet

The management program is that of earning a steady income without having to operate and run

the fleet 24/7.

Patrick Guiyab, a newly onboarded Lalamove Fleet Operator, shared that upon seeing how

in-demand trucking and transportation services are in the Philippines, he knew that enrolling

in the fleet management program meant good business.

“It’s a good business that fits well into the budget and has a quick ROI (return on

investment). It's easy to juggle being a Cost Engineer and managing my small fleet of

vehicles,” he said.

Easy sign-up process

Being “your own boss” is possible with Lalamove’s easy sign-up process. Aspiring fleet

owners can even do online or walk-in applications.

Those who decide to apply online only need to access Lalamove's official website and fill out the application form. The Lalamove team will then get in touch with the fleet owner to follow up on the submission and discuss the next steps. Once the application is accepted, the fleet owner will get a notification through SMS with login details, at which time they can begin registering their vehicles and drivers.

For walk-in applications, aspiring Lalamove fleet owners may visit Lalamove offices in

Pampanga, Cebu, and Manila.


Tuesdays to Saturdays; GF, 114 Herco Center, Benavidez St. Legaspi, Village, Makati City

Quezon City

Tuesdays to Saturdays; GF, Hexagon Corporate Center, Quezon Ave., West Triangle,

Quezon City


Mondays to Saturdays; Gruppo Del Diamante, Magalang Ave., Angeles, Pampanga


Mondays to Saturdays; Unit 3-104, Ground Floor, OIC3-Oakridge Business Park, Mandaue

City, Cebu

Explore business opportunities in the logistics industry with Lalamove’s Fleet Management program. Those looking to start a trucking business with Lalamove but have no fleet may also visit Lalamove Automotive to learn about the available rental and brand-new vehicle options. Stay updated on the latest about Lalamove by visiting or following Lalamove’s official Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok accounts.

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Launched in the Philippines in late 2016, Lalamove is an on-demand logistics company that matches drivers with customers and SME businesses to fulfill same-day deliveries. Lalamove’s mission of making local deliveries faster and simpler across North, Central, and South Luzon, and in Cebu is achieved through innovations such as instant order matching, real-time GPS vehicle tracking, 24/7 services, and a driver rating system. Lalamoveallows these businesses to scale their deliveries and operations at an accelerated rate. Lalamove now operates in over 40 cities across Asia and Latin America. Visit Lalamove’s website:

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