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Monday, May 19

Talking to my son...

It has been a challenge. A constant one lately.

Adi has acquired a skin disease recently out of the frequent itchiness and one that's out of the summer heat.

we had brought him to the pedia for the last couple of weeks and had been inducing antibiotics on him.

the rigid process of having to force Adi to drink the meds is frustrating - but i learned to master it in a way.

I gave him water afterwards, just so the bitterness won't stay on the taste buds.

The big ones in that picture went away after seven days.

There were puss. I couldn't stand looking at his situation. what my little baby boy is going through.

But i just reassured myself that everything will be okay. that all the irritabilities he is having.

the sleepless nights of having to cradle him to sleep after he's woken up by the itchiness.

i'm thankful for Allen's patience and constant reminders.

my mom's never ending support for me all through out the process.

Lately, momma brought Adi to the Bisaya healer, 'Binisaya', 'paspasan ug dahon'. is what we call it.

Adi will get yet another stroke of these again after that incident long ago when he has hid rashes on the neck.

ate soledad said, 'ugahip man ni!' (this is ugahip).. and the puss needs to go out and the blood.... i was at home catching

some sleep and momma brought him there.

I wished for it to go away!

The dreadful thing on Adi's forehead.

sometimes, i just have to endure all of it!

talking to Adi now, in a slow and in a more 'lambing' way. (I have learned that He responds more to it. He stays calm and sleeps soundly. and that makes me an accomplished mom to him, I feel great that I was able to do it. That I was able to control and refrain myself from shouting at him, that I'd be more tender towards him. )

A soothing moment for him. Reassuring him that everything will be Okay.

That WE will be OKAY.


I will be posting pics of the Handamay leaves soon... and the rest of Adi's journey until the healing of his ugahip.

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  1. mao sad nay nakaayo sa ugahip sa akong anak...
    naayo jud sya...


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