Our McDonald's Grand Halloween Family Fun Day Experience

Wednesday, October 26

Hi Friends! Adi and I got invited to one of the most sought after kiddie party in Cebu this Halloween Season, the McDonald's Grand Halloween Family Fun Day. It was their second time to hold it here in Cebu, we were also invited the first time but were not able to make it then. 

I was excited at the same I was worried that Adi won't want to come. I have been very cautious about attending Halloween Kiddie parties in the past since Adi had experienced trauma regarding the scary side of the celebration. He got very much scared when he saw halloween costumes ramping around malls that he threw tantrums everytime we went inside the malls. It was desperate time for us. 

But thanks to youtube halloween videos, this eventually went away. So when I told him we were going to a Halloween party, I was honestly surprised that he was very eager to tell me he was going to be that witch pointing the scene from youtube with the song phrase "there's a witch flying round and round". I can't tell you how happy I was. So by then, I knew I had to be more creative and take all my creative powers to diy the costume. Thankfully, I was able to create it in time. 😊 

So much effort was gone into this that it deserves   another blogpost. 😂 I will talk about how I diy-ed this costume with the help of my mom in another post. 

So anyways, the call time was 8 am, and me having to take care of a 9 month old baby, I knew I had to wake up early to get my game going and so I asked the help of my mom and the husband.

I already prepared the things I would need to cover the event the night before as well as the things we would bring there.

When we arrived, the venue was already filled with moms, excited families like us and kids dressed in beautiful halloween costumes. You can really feel their excitement.

 Just one of the families taking their poses on the Photobooth. Payment was 20 pesos for each photo.
 And so we lined up hurriedly, and striked our own poses. I picked the photobooth from outside as it's not that crowded yet and to be honest, I wanted Adi not to panic when we finally go inside the convention hall. Lol!

 Here's the stage. The screens were huge and the place has enough space for everyone to sit and watch the show. I love that everyone can get to enjoy spending time with their families through this kinds of event and also for the kids to interact with other children through play. Every kid who signed up got to enjoy their Mcdo 1 pc Chicken McDo Meal.
 The booths where the kids can play around. Photo credits to Jervie Montejar of jerminix.com 😊
 Kids who joined the event also get to have free Halloween Hats, cape and Halloween pumpkins to complete their Halloween look!

But of course, we didn't arrive home empty handed. Coca-Cola Philippines gave this awesome tote bag that came with Coca Cola products in it. Thanks Coca Cola Ph! And also Adi got this cute toy from their Happy Meal pack, it was their hotwheels toy and he really enjoyed playing with it afterwards. 

Thank you McDonald's for the awesome party. We surely had a great time and we would surely join next year with the whole family.

This year also marks the first time for the event to happen in Manila this coming October 29th at the World Trade Event Center in Manila. So moms from Manila get your halloween costumes ready.

Thank you for Reading! I hoped you enjoyed as much as we did.

Till my next post, guys!

Collagen Lotion Thing

Tuesday, October 11

Hi Loves!

Time for another skin care review and this time it is this lotion I have been using lately. The Annecy Collagen Lotion which by the way was given to me by my cousin last June. You might be asking what is Collagen and what I think about this product. 

As for us women and moms like me who are in their 30s, it is important to take care of ourselves most especially our Skin. Self Care is very crucial and important for women and moms who are busy handling many things and wearing many hats may it be at the workplace or at home. 

Skin Care has been my priority when it comes to beauty and health as it is the first thing that people notice. I admit I don't have the perfect porcelain skin. I have also noticed that my body is so much more inclined in the masculine side more than the feminine side. Yes, I am a Type 3 woman and most woman who fall on that type mostly don't have perfect flawless skin. So much of that, you may read more of my body type on this post here >> Dressing my Truth

Collagen is essential for our health and appearance. This protein is also necessary to reduce the typical signs of aging. Collagen is also an important building block for elasticity and it's ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

What I love about this Lotion is that it also contains Hyaluronic Acid, a moisturizing agent that is endowed with 500x moisture restoring and retaining capacity. I was surprised too that it has Sunflower Oil, Wheatgerm Oil and Trehalose - a killer combination that enhances skin moisture retention capacity and achieves antioxidative effect perfectly. 
Here is the current photo of the bottle and I am almost 3/4 usage.
The bottle is almost empty. 

Overall, I love this product so much. I love the packaging and it is really moisturizing. I highly recommend this lotion. You may also check the website of Annecy Cosmetics or follow them on instagram Annecy Cosmetics. 

Disclaimer: This is not sponsored by Annecy. Review is based on my honest experience about the product.

Thryoid Disorder Awareness: Knowing the Symtoms

Monday, October 3

Hi Mommies!

I hope you all had a fab weekend with your families and loved ones. Just last September 29th I was invited to attend a blogger's event here in Cebu about Thyroid Disorder Awareness.

At first, I was kind of hesitant to sign up since it's on a friday and I am taking care of Ami. But you know me, when there are events like this, I always try my best to sign up and cross my fingers that I could attend. And there I was, at Radissons and braving my ass off despite the 6pm event time.

Although I arrived late, I was glad the talk hasn't started yet and I found myself sitting with my co- women bloggers from Cebu. I was excited and eager to learn from the talk. Dr. Chrysanthus Herrera, Medical Science and Governement Affairs Manager of Merck, Inc. gave the opening remarks. 

According to a study made by the Philippine Society of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism in 2012, one in 11 Filipino adults has goiter, and around one in 12 Filipino adults suffers some form of thyroid disorder.   
Millions of Filipinos are affected by problems with their thyroid, yet very little awareness to the disease has been put. To raise awareness about this disease, Merck Inc. sponsored this event. 

Dr. April Melody Abcede, of the Philippine Society of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism gave an informative talk on what the thyroid is, as well as the symptoms of thyroid disease.

The Thyroid Gland is a vital and essential part of our body since it is where the Thyroid hormones TSH are produced. Symptoms of hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism are diagnosed as well based on the T3 and T4 levels found in our blood. The thyroid gland is also referred to as the "master controller" of metabolism and is important to our over-all health and well-being. 
I really learned a lot of things most especially about the importance of the Thyroid in our body and therefore, we must do our best to take care of it. Eating iodine rich foods, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet.
Photos taken during the talk. So glad to be here and meet my fellow bloggers.

Women and moms like us are also found to be more susceptible to this disease. Especially with pregnant women and even women after they gave birth. The chances of getting the disease like hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism is high. That is why TSH levels are also being checked during pregnancy if you are diagnosed with the disease. And our babies as well during New Born Screening. 

I highly encourage every mom especially you if you are reading this to educate yourself and spread the word.

You may also visit the website, www.thyroid.ph, an online repository of information where you can learn more about thyroid disorders. It also contains useful guides which can help you check for symptoms of the disorder such as goiter, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

I hope you learned a lot as much as I did. You can also help disseminate this information by sharing this post to your friends through facebook or twitter.

Stay Healthy!

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