PETC Christmas Launching

Thursday, December 3

It's the Launching of  PETC Christmas Celebration!
And the display of Christmas Card Making was a sure hit!

Here are some of the pics....

US... with our unique card...

our entry...

My first post: how about some slice of vanity?

Monday, October 12

I've been into make-ups ever since I was a child..haha.
well, my aunt used to place makeup on my face and dress me up like I was some sort of a doll..

back at school, I was a dancer, yeah I was,, and you know the trick to fancy our already pretty faces , are but a dub of powder, lipstick and blush-ons...

I just love looking pretty, if I was really.. hehe..

Up til highschool I danced and performed since I knew that was the only place I would really excel in.
I loved imitating dance moves I see on TV..

Now, I think it's time I show you have vain I am of this make-ups that I filled the space in my bed wih all these..
see for yourself.. ain't it a clutter?

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