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Our Baby Girl's Baptism

Thursday, April 28

LORD, We bring this miracle to you
so fresh from HEAVEN
and ask that you would hear our PRAYERS
and share our JOY for this day

into this tiny heart
and wrap your loving arms around
May your GRACE freely shine
into this precious LIFE.
and in all the days ahead,
let this heart rejoice in loving
as your own FORGIVEN CHILD.

As we were BAPTIZED,
so we profess our BELIEF.
As we profess our belief, 
so also we offer PRAISE.

As then BAPTISM has been given us
by our SAVIOR, 
in the name of the FATHER, 
and of the SON,
and of the HOLY GHOST

So, in accordance with our Baptism,

We make the Confession of the CREED, 
and our DOXOLOGY 
in Accordance with our LORD.


How far along?

Thursday, November 5

It's been quite a while, time has past and my baby bump has grown.
I am currently 27 weeks now to be exact, few more days to go and i will be entering my third trimester.

How far along?  27 weeks (nearly 7 months)
Total weight gain/measurements: 130 lbs

Baby Number 2: Expectations and Preparations

Sunday, September 27

Hi Mommsies!

I wanted to talk about how life has been but first let me start with a very exciting news! Yes you're right. A and I are pregnant with our number 2.


Preparing for pregnancy and motherhood is never an easy thing. It's a crazy thing to think that in just a few months I will be a mom of two little brats. lol!
Well my babies are always a treasure to me mommsies.
You know that we all do.

This second pregnancy is very different with my first one, Adrian.
I had to deal with morning sickness in my first trimester and also experienced a little dizziness. It was a very unconfortable moment that there were times I would even eat my dinner and throw it all up and then eat again. With baby number 2, all I had in mind was that if my body could make it with all the pressures at work and at home with my baby boy Adrian who is now by the way three.

I wanted to let you all know that I am also at the same time happy and at the same time in doubt if whether A and I could afford to have another one. I was really surprised when I found out. I told A right away through chat since I was in Ayala that time and all I could think of was that I was just maybe having anemia attacks since I was always feeling drowsy and dizzy, only to find out then that I am pregnant. Yes, two lines on the pregnancy test kit.

A and I could not muffle the words to say and the courage to face yet another milestone of our married life.

Here are some of the things we have experienced with this journey that you might as well take note of:

1. Worrying with our first born child. When we found out, all I had in my mind was Adrian, of course I super love our baby boy and I was worried about his welfare at the same time. I was worried that maybe I would no longer have enough time for him, that I might overlook all his needs. The worry goes on and on, that I tend to neglect myself for our new baby. This is not a good thing mothers, since we need to set enough time for both. It was really hard for me at first since I am a working mom. All I wanted now is for me to slowly accept the reality. The great real deal of having another angel. That to me is just overwhelming which leads me to item number 2.

2. Having a second child can seem to be overwhelming. I have started reading about self help posts related to this and here are some of them.

3. Preparing our First Child for Baby Number 2. Adrian is used to have all our attention in the house most specifically since we are both working, we need to spend more time during the weekends with him. Our budget was the utmost priority during this very moment as well as time. How we manage our time and money now is very essential to all our decisions. That is why for me it was best for us to settle first the priorities before giving birth like out Church Wedding. It was only simple and we even planned it before we knew we were expecting. For me that is the big plus to us since we will now embark on being husband and wife and responsible parents to our children. We learned a lot from the seminar (Pre-cana) which i will also be sharing on my next post. Here are a few which I found helpful.

4. Preparing for another Birth Plan. I gave birth via CS Section with Adrian, so we were fortunate to conceive when Adrian turned three. I was already on the brim of giving up my job since I knew I had to focus with my children and thinking of getting an online home-based job instead. Preparing for another birth is never an easy thing. Every decision you are going to make should benefit yourself, your employer and your family. Decisions are hard during this times for me and A. I knew then that I had to make extra efforts to make this journey all worth and not be a burden to anyone. Here are some helpful posts too:

5. Getting ready for our second baby. The nice things about it is that A and I wouldn't need so many things to buy, what we only need is to prepare the household upon the arrival of the new member to our little family. At least now, we already both know what to do unlike when we had the first one when we had to consult almost anyone especially my mom before we do anything with our little one. It is still very important to declutter the house and provide ample space conducive for the baby. For now, that is our utmost concern and priority as well as planning to buy our own mini refrigerator to store some of our baby foods and milk supplies.

I hope the odds will be on our favor now. We are praying for the best especially a healthy baby and a safe delivery.

Looking back: My Motherhood Journey in Pictures

Monday, November 24

I still yearn for those days, the moments...
A baby just grows up so fast .. I wish i could turn back time through these still images.
This has really been the most wondrous moment of my entire life and i would not change it for anything.

What's your treasured moments with your beloved lil ones mommas?
Care to share?

have a great awesome day ahead! and thanks for reading!

The cold Never bothered me anyway!

Wednesday, January 29

I feel this so much.... this movie. the sisterly love. I love the song!
I think that every girl should feel the same way, we don't necessarily need a man to save us.
Here are a few quotes, I'd like to share with you about this wonderful movie, FROZEN.

credits to google for the images
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