How far along?

Thursday, November 5

It's been quite a while, time has past and my baby bump has grown.
I am currently 27 weeks now to be exact, few more days to go and i will be entering my third trimester.

How far along?  27 weeks (nearly 7 months)
Total weight gain/measurements: 130 lbs
Date of Visit: October, 2015 at Perpetual Succour Hospital - Labtest Results for reading and OB interpretation
Blood Pressure: 120/80
Fundal Height: 30 cm
Baby’s Heart Beat: 150
Maternity clothes:  Still using the same ones, belly has not grown that much yet
Stretch marks: Very Visibile
Sleep: Sleep is well. But often get up due to frequent urination but not most of the time.
Best moment this week: I passed all the lab results, and the repeat Urinalysis test for UTI
Miss anything? None as of the moment. 
Movement: Baby kicks and flutter in my belly a lot of times.
Food cravings: None but I have noticed that I easily get full. =)
Anything making you queasy or sick? Smoke and strong odors
Gender:  Not yet known as of the moment.
Labour signs: Nope!
Symptoms: Frequent Urination.
Tummy Changes: Belly Button is still In! Started to see that dark vertical line in my tummy already
Wedding rings: Yes! =)
Mood: Feeling shortness of breath... Does not eat too much now
Looking forward to: My next prenatal check-up...and the Mother's class this coming November 7th.

i can relate so much to the third slide.. =)



  1. Ohh you're nearing the big day. I bet you're so excited to see your little one. :)

    1. yes Rea! im excited and worried at the same time. im praying for a safe delivery! =)
      thanks for dropping by..


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