5 Blogging Essentials for Mom Bloggers

Monday, February 22

One thing I learned from my recent job in the corporate world here in the Philippines is careful planning, goals setting and time management. I have read this one quote from an Instagram post and it quite hit me right on point now that I am a full-time mom.

It can be daunting at times and you get a lot of distractions while at home managing the household chores to just eat and sleep and not be productive. So I have come up with these list to remind me and hopefully to inspire other mommy bloggers like me to do the same, too.

1. Mom Planner - great for planning and goal settings. Laying out the to - dos and priorities for the month or the week can be silly happy especially with these awesome planners. I bought mine from National Bookstore at 179 pesos and customized the pages with Washi tapes =). I think I might be showing you my planner for 2016 next week. =) I personally think that this is helpful esp with achieving goals each month or week whatever that maybe, it's all up to you. I also recommend joining planning communities for inspiration mainly found most of them via Instagram. Planning ahead actually is a BIG help, believe me.

photo credit: @marrylcrafts IG
photo credits: @planning_mom IG
Here is my customized personal planner. I got the month page from my BDJ petite planner. =) Apologies for the poor image quality. I will be posting my planner very soon.

2. Trusty Ring Sling or Baby Carrier - Perfect for the mommy blogger with babies like me, this ring slings provide comfort for your baby while you can freely stroll around for that frugal finds at the store or at home online working. Just like this mom below..

3. Own Creative Space / Mom Cave - Having your own space where you  focus (can be a corner of your room, a table top near your living room, etc) can actually help your mind de-stress and take time to think creatively especially when you are a blogger. Ideas just flow easily when you have an alone time minus the kids. I am usually on my mom cave every time my kids are having their nap-time at around 1-4 in the afternoon. So there, I sleep for about an hour and I sneak out to my little space to just write, research, manage my social media accounts or sometimes just read a book.

4. Vision Board - To help you organize your thoughts and easily look up for inspiration and always be on the top of your style, inspiration and goals game as a blogger.

5. Mom Personal Journal - Great for taking down notes of blogging lists, goals and accomplishments. I personally take down notes for weekly goals and to - dos, blog post ideas as well as some things I'd like to remember or stuffs I find on the internet. Keeping a journal helps you to stay focus and remember things that matter or important to you.

There you have it. My own list of essentials. How about yours? Please let me know in the comments section below.

Keep on keeping on!!!


  1. I'm not a mom (hehe) but I totally agree that a planner is an essential! I realized how helpful writing down everything could be, or else my mind would get so cluttered, I wouldn't be able accomplish anything.


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