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Saturday, February 20

 Hello mommsies!

A few months ago, I bought these pens from Fully booked here in Ayala Cebu and I was definitely hooked with it. My love for scribbling has been with me for a long time, way back my high school days where our teacher would often ask me to write quotes for our classroom decor. Yeah, i had that skill in lettering and I loved doing it for my classmates too. Whenever we would have the need to handletter their folders or our projects i would lend a hand to do the letterings for them.

So when I was recognized by my teacher as Artist of the Year, I was deeply honored and happy that my works where finally being recognized.

An artists' mind like mine is complicated and unpredictable. I would like to call myself one because honestly I would find myself scribbling letters in the air. Weird things pop out of my head and it's frustrating when you can't release the energy to just create and doodle, scribble and craft.

Believe me i have been dealing with this ever since I was born. I remember drawing paper dolls and dresses in my school paper and notebook. I think every girl in the 90's could relate. I have been keeping this secret of mine for a while since college days when I took up Engineering which by the way paved the way to my curious and analytical mind. I don't know maybe I am just that inquisitive that I like to find answers to all the questions running in my head.

Sometimes I just think that I took up the wrong course. Maybe my heart was just not into it so much. That my heart was in the creative field. That my interest were on designing, creating something with my own bare hands. Maybe I just discovered it now. AND I don't want anyone to dictate. I just wanted to be who I really am. That I am an artist. That I want to express myself and my craft. That I don't need an affirmation from anyone to believe that.

Just maybe nobody truly understands an artist except his works and his creativity. That an artist is unique from another artist and we should not compare. That's the one thing I learned is that. We should never be afraid to be ourselves. To be our own artist.

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