Swatch x Review: Simbalion 16 Colors Watercolor Cake

Saturday, March 5

Hi Mommsies! What a great way to start March, right? 
It's by the way Fire Prevention Month here in the Philippines, I am not sure if it is also in the other parts of the globe or from wherever you are reading this post ATM. I hope you are doing well and good.
February went by so fast. 
As much as I want to share some of my simple accomplishments for Feb
(I will hopefully share them on a separate post), I want to share a little swatch and a bit of a review of my watercolor find.
Oh and I am writing this post, the Adi and the Ami are asleep as well as the hubby, so I have all the time to blab on the laptop.=) and watch Leonardo's movie 'The Revenant' (Oscars Best Actor of the year lang naman). So much about that, I want to share with you a semi detailed swatch of this lovely Simbalion Watercolor Cake which comes in 16 colors.

If you have read my post about getting back into Arts and my self discovery HERE, you would know how hooked I am with this coloring medium. I mean as much as it is pretty it is quite an affordable hobby, I can use this to create floral invitations or for future kiddie parties for Ami or Adi. I guess by the time I master using them for now let me learn some more techniques (fingers crossed).
I bought this Simbalion Watercolor palette at Prince Warehouse Club here in Mandaue, Cebu (a few steps away from where we live) while I was shopping the groceries. I saw this and I was ecstatic to buy it. I only spent around 109 pesos for this and was obviously excited to try it when I got home. I was amazed at how pigmented this watercolor cake is. The color in this palette is perfect especially when creating simple floral art or just a bunch of pretty letters that comes to mind depending on your design. If you are into Watercolor Calligraphy, I think that watercolors are more efficient.
This is perfect for those watercolor beginners like me since it already comes with the cover as it mixing palette. You could easily mix the colors with water as well and it comes very handy.The color also is chalky and hardens on paper once it is dry, which for me is Okay though I haven't really tried other watercolor brands like Prang, and those that comes in tubes.
When I tried using this watercolor on my sketch pad, (since I still hasn't purchased watercolor papers) it went well and the colors are great!. (never mind the orientation of the photo here, just mind the pigmentation of this palette on the sketch pad ^_^)
Here, I also used it as a coloring medium for my fashion sketch (i'm feeling like a pro) with these palette. =) I need to practice more to achieve a really nice output and a more realistic looking artwork. yeah. The only downside is the brush that comes along with the palette since it does not have that fine point or tip, you just have to be extra careful in coloring really small parts of your drawing or might as well purchase separate brushes that will suit your needs. There are many available craft supplies that you can find online like Craft Central, Craft Carrot or some affordable brushes over at Craft Doodle.

Also tried using them on black paper here.... (done with Lo-Fi Filter on IG) but the actual photo is just as awesome. Try them yourselves.
Have you tried using this watercolor palette too? It can get a bit messy, yes. But I guess, that is the beauty of it. Please let me know what you think of and how you find this palette in the comments section below.

Happy Weekend and thanks for reading!

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