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Tuesday, July 10

Maternity Packages for hospitals in Cebu has been of great use and help especially for mothers on a financial strife. Here in Cebu some of the hospitals I know that offer these are the following:

  • Cebu Doctor's University Hospital
  • Chong Hua
  • Cebu Maternity and Puericulture Hospital
  • Sacred Heart Hospital
  • Mactan Doctor's Hospital
  • North General Hospital
  • Velez Hospital
  • Perpetual Succour Hospital

I opted for the one in Perpetual since the facility is only a minute away from my office. As I had my first prenatal check up for the maternity package at Perpetual Succour Hospital here in Cebu, I knew that I had to go through a lot especially with processing of the requirements. Below is their requirements for enrolling in their Maternity package:


  • Attend the orientation at OPD (out patient department)
  • PHP750.00 PHP1000.00 for the prenatal fee for the first visit, (PHP750 PHP1000.00per visit as soon as the 5k deposit is complete)
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Blood Type
  • Operative Record (if you have been previously operated)
  • HBsAg
  • Pap Smear
  • Ultrasound
  • Uric acid
  • Blood Certificate of Donor (to be presented on the 5th visit), if AB+ pay for the cash bond of PHP2,000.00.
After accomplishing all the requirements, have it photocopied and attach to your OPD form upon application and present the results to the OB-Gyn in charge (per team you are assigned) for interpretation at the 2nd floor Delivery Room.

  • Bring OPD Form and receipts
  • No Accompanying
  • No Epidural or Ligation
  • No Lana (oils)
  • Normal Delivery - PHP5,000.00
  • Ceasarean Delivery - PHP15,000.00
  • Normal Delivery - 3 days ward (FREE)
  • Ceasarean Delivery - 5 days ward (FREE)
For more info about their Maternity Package Privileges, you may contact (032) 233-8620 local 120 (OPD) or local 249 (DR) or you can visit their website at

They also have discounts for laboratory fees of up to 30% which is good and beneficial.
Prenatal consultations starts at 12:00 noon every M-F except T for first Saturdays of the month they offer Mother's Class with free snacks just make sure to be there on time!

It was a rather great opportunity and privileged for me but as soon as I got regularized from my current company I opted for a private doctor to be able to avail of my insurance medical benefits.

Anyway, I hope this post helped you with your search.
More power to all expectant moms out there and have a safe delivery!

Til then,
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  1. Is thenewborn scrrening included in the maternity package? Is the OB ward air-conditioned? How many beds are available for one patient (does it only have one bed for the mother or 2beds for mother and watcher)? Is the ward a cubicle style (like there's a wall/boundary for every patient's bed for separation)? would you mind giving me a picture? Do the doctors monitor the heartbeat of the baby using a DOPPLER every prenatal appointment? I am really confused in choosing the right yet affordable hospital. Your response would be a great help.thank tou

  2. hi bella!
    1. thanks for reading my post.
    you pay for the baby's newborn screening however if you avail of the package you get a discount of about 25% approx.
    2. the OB ward is not airconditioned. it does have fans and is very clean.
    3. the ward is not a cubicle style. it do have curtains as partitions. =) if you avail of the package, you can avail of the room for free for 3 days if normal delivery and 5 days for CS.
    4. yes, of course they use the doppler in monitoring your baby's heartbeat. all in all, the service is really good at perpetual. they attend to your needs and the hospital is really clean =)

    hope this helped!

    1. Hi I recently found out I'm having my baby no. 2 I'm currently two weeks prego. I was wondering about availing the a room for three days. which you sighted at you no. 3

      (3. the ward is not a cubicle style. it do have curtains as partitions. =) if you avail of the package, you can avail of the room for free for 3 days if normal delivery and 5 days for CS.)

      is it really possible to have a private room?

    2. Hi. I think if you choose to have the package you won't have the choice of the private room. Im not really sure. But as far as I can rememeber you either pay for the private room. IF you are interested you can give PSH a call at the numbers i have provided. thanks

  3. very informative......hope you can visit my site as

    1. visited your site and i loved the posts very inspirational.... =)

  4. hi, I just want to know, do you know the exact amount (or range maybe) that we need to prepare for my wife's CS delivery? We have a package deal in maternity house and my wife also have her philhealth.. do u have any idea? :)

    1. Hi. For the maternity house i really donot know the exact range. but for CS better prepare 15,000 to 30,000 that is with a private OB but since you availed of the package you'll maybe just spend around 5000 plus the deductions from philhealth.... God Bless on your wife's future delivery

  5. Hi po , I would like to ask po , how much is the common range if magpapapa pregnancy test ka? Thanks po . my first time

    1. Hi! what do you mean common range?? actually, you can do this yourself right at your home with a pregnancy test kit. if this is what you mean. You can purchase the kit at pharmacies for 50 pesos above....=)

    2. If you want to get tested in PSH for pregnancy, the lab fee is P1,000.

  6. hi.. Ina E, how much will I pay for birth ,without any benefits? And what are the hospitals offers less price for birth..?

  7. hi,,just wanna ask how many weeks of pregnancy can avail the prenatal package...?

  8. you have latest package rates for Cebu Doc or Perpetual? Thank you...

  9. Hi! May I know how much is the rate for normal and cs delivery in PSH? In ward? And in private room? I'm not in package. I have my private OBGYN.

  10. Hi! Thanks for your blog. This is actually pretty helpful to those who've got a lot of questions in regards to maternity packages. I'm currently 32 weeks pregnant with our 3rd child (and our first son, at that!) so I've got that first time jitters again since, yeah, it's also been 6 years since I had our 2nd daughter.
    Anyways, in your list of hospitals that offers maternity packages, I noticed you left out the VISAYAS COMMUNITY MEDICAL CENTER, so let me fill you in on that. I currently have a maternity package with them (which is also my first time taking advantage of this package. My first 2 were all private doctors, and both C-section which costs a whopping 80k on the first, 100-120k on the 2nd so I'm guessing by 2014, a C-section PRIVATELY would cost about 150k.).
    So, here it is. Hope it helps. :)

    VISAYAS COMMUNITY MEDICAL CENTER (Beside Bradford Church, Jones Ave., C.C.)
    - Cost: 11,000.00 PHP (Low and High Risk Patients)
    - Initial Deposit: Minimum of 500.00 PHP + 500.00 PHP for supplies (Supplies' cost will not be included in the 11,000 PHP maternity package.)
    - Minimum Partial Payment Per Visit: 500.00 PHP
    - Ligation allowed. (Discuss this with the doctor)
    - Requirements:
    ~ Varies depending on AOG. Will be requested by doctor upon first prenatal check up after enrollment.
    ~ One Blood Donor, has to be the same blood type as the patient. Required upon admission.
    ~ Previous Operative Records, especially for high risk patients.
    ~ All labs are REQUIRED to be done in their laboratory, if available.

    - PROS -
    1. OB ward is air conditioned with only 4 beds per ward
    2. Children are allowed in the hospital to visit OB section (So ate and kuya can visit mom and baby, for as long as it's within visiting hours)
    3. Baby gets a LIFETIME discount ID for labs and room and board (Applicable to babies born in VCMC)
    4. Most staff, especially the orderlies, are very friendly. Again, MOST, not ALL.

    - CONS -
    1. The hospital can be confusing at first.
    2. Nursing staff at night are at a bare minimum (2-3 nurses per station)
    3. Hospital is a bit old so expect a bit of chipped paint by the foot of the bathroom entrance or a few stains on / in between bathroom tiles. Minimal, of course.

    Giving out their phone number is entirely useless since they do not discuss their maternity package over the phone. This has to be done inside, and only inside, the OPD, located right next to the Emergency Room.

    This is where I had my first child but despite the cons, I still easily chose the same hospital with my now youngest. For some reason, it gives me that home-y feel, but maybe it's just me. If you guys are having a hard time deciding which hospital you want, you're always free to visit, take a tour and ask questions, just so you won't think you've made a mistake later on. Thanks and Godspeed!

    1. Hi! What's the schedule of their prenatal check-up at VCMC?Thanks

    2. Thank you sis for this informative post about VCMC too. Sorry, I missed that out.

  11. Hi! We're currently based overseas and from Manila but there's a big possibility that I'll relocate to Cebu soon. Can you recommend any OB-gyne and maternity package from Chong Hua? It will be a big help :) Thanks!

  12. Hi Joanne You may call chonghua hospital as I am not really familiar with their package there..

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  14. Hello,

    I just want to know, how much will you need to cash out in total if you avail of the maternity package with philhealth deductions like the total pay in cash upon discharge, for normal and cs. We are considering PSH. Thanks!


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