Adi and his First Time at the Beach

Monday, October 13

Hi Mommsies!

Gues what it is Adi's first beach trip =) Weeh! I was super duper excited. 
My Cousin C came home from HK and what good way to spend the day is to be at the beach.
I sure did brought Adi with me. The shore was vast and the sands were white. =)
We arrived at exactly 9am in Lapu-Lapu an Island in Cebu. Vaño Beach to be exact located in Marigondon.

The beach is just an affordable one. You can enjoy the view and the sea for only 500 pesos per cottage and 10 pesos per person as entrance fee. It was a Monday so we felt that we had the place all by ourselves unfortunately, we came and the sea was at Low tide or 'hunas' in Bisaya. But anyways, this ain't stoppin' us.

Adi playin with the sands

with  Christian, Adi's big cousin

Another shot of this cutie

cant enough of the cold sand =)


me (i know im sexy right) hahaha

my sis S and cousin Jai and Christian, the jump shot 'kuno'

Being at the beach is a happy place for me. I guess for them too it is just too obvious in our faces.
Please keep coming on my blog for the Part 2. 


BONAKID PRESCHOOL Ready Set Laban Season 2 Auditions [Cebu]

Thursday, October 9

Hi Mommsies!

Last September 28, 2014 Sunday. Metro Ayala Cebu was filled with energetic kids and supportive mommies and parents!

All are present to take part of the Season 2 Live Auditions for the Bonakid Preschool Ready Set Laban show of GMA.

Ayala Activity Center was filled with kiddie playground where all the kids had fun while waiting for the event to start as well as enjoy the moments with other kids there too!

I wish I did bring Adi with me that day as I knew he would surely have fun.


 GMA Talents Regine Tolentino and Mikael Daez came all the way from Manila to Cebu to host the event =)

It was my first time seeing them in person and they all looked good and they were all very energetic.
I must say that they really did a great Job in making the event a successful one.

I am sure all the kiddos and moms here in Cebu did too as I was there to see their happy and excited faces.

Energetic kids and their supportive moms gamely took part in the ingenious games  (Happy Holen, Jack En Point, Drink It, Wear It, Win It and A Spoonful of Happiness).

Dancing Kiddos!

You may also send your audition video please check their Facebook page ( for the video tutorial.
You may also follow them at Instagram and Twitter (@BonakidsPS) for more info.

Mommy Mundo Expo 2014 in Cebu

Monday, September 29

Hello Mommsies! 

Last August Mommy Mundo arrived at the shores of Cebu and had all the Manila based exhibitors showcase their Mommy and Baby products.
Now on its seventh year, Expo Mom is the biggest event of its kind, gathering progressive, active moms in an environment that’s both recreational and educational. Showcasing beloved mommy brands alongside mom invented goodies, Expo Mom has become the catalyst for the mompreneur movement in Manila. It has also become a venue for like-minded moms to establish lasting connections, attracting over 60,000 mommy participants through the years. At Expo Mom 2014, more celebrations are afoot. With over 60 booths at the Palm Drive of Glorietta in Ayala Center, Expo Mom 2014 will feature all-day talks, demos, and raffle draws.This year’s theme, “You The Mom!” aims to affirm and appreciate all the awesome things that moms do every single day, whether they’re taking care of their babies at home, doing volunteer work for a cause they believe in, or helping out a friend in need. Mothers are the most complex of creatures; their powers in time management and multitasking alongside their ability to do anything and everything for their loved ones make them the most effective game changers of all! “You The Mom!” puts the spotlight on all the unbelievably good things that moms do every day with a string of exciting engagement activities.

I loved that I was able to join in and took some of the pictures in the event held in Ayala Center Cebu last Aug 29-30, 2014.

I found some really cute items there too.

Here are some of them.

joomajam - some really awesome OPM songs for the babies and kiddos =) really cute and very innovative

baby wailers - really awesome headturner outfits =) 
Baby Wailers (Coz were all born wailin) owned by Irene & Eric Hernandez. You can contact them at for order or 09175743838. Visit their FB page for the latest ones for your babies.

Neat Nanny - fashionable colorful uniforms for your babies' Nanny =)

these are Baby Oil Mists =)

Cordlife membership for cord blood =) if you have the time you can donate to them as well . Very helpful cause 

Yes that is a lactation brownie =)

Cute outifts =)

Bug and Kelly - Kids Shirt Infant Onesies (make a statement)

more Storage and products for the babies

Kids toys (wooden ) really cute too! 
For more info about the expo you can also visit this page:

Maple Opens in Cebu

Monday, September 22

Hi Momsies!

How are you all doin? I hope you are doing great as you are reading this post today.
I haven't posted for quite some time, so apologies for the blog hiatus.
Anyways, last Aug 30, 2014 (my 28th birthday) was also the grand opening of Maple in Cebu.
I was really excited when I got the invitation from them. ^_^
I was invited for their brunch opening contrary to most bloggers who were mostly invited over for dinner.

Here's a short history about Maple

Maple introduced its first store in 2012 in one of the city’s most discerning communities catering to the upper AB market, a quaint yet intimate place in San Antonio Plaza, Mckinley Road, Forbes Park, Makati City. 

Comfort by rewarding oneself is at the core of Maple menu. With a wide array of choices that build on flavors found in the coastal towns of America, Maple brings the best of elevated American comfort food on the tables of their three branches in selected posh areas in Metro Manila which has now found its way serving in the Queen City of the South located at The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu. 

It quickly gained a solid base of loyal customers enjoying the unique menu of southwestern American cuisine complemented with high-value signature pancakes and waffles. At the center of their spread is the distinct flavor of maple syrup – the golden liquid that goes best with their most definitive comfort dish: Pancakes. But pancakes and waffles are not the only dishes where the flavor of maple syrup finds its place. Much of the restaurant’s list of popular American comfort food are also doused with the distinct taste of the golden liquid: From the comforting buns served at the start of every meal, right down to sweet endings such as Maple’s Bourbon Bread Pudding.

Maple features all-day breakfast favorites such as the Huevos Rancheros and a surprising entrée of gourmet Prime Rib Tapa, which a lot of diners agree on its unique take on the ubiquitous Filipino staple. Other choice flavors found in the coastal towns of America also add variety to the menu such as Spaetzle Jambalaya, Fish Tacos and Drippin’ Baby Back Ribs. Prepared by highly skilled chefs, Maple dishes are cooked only from the moment one orders – assuring diners of fresh, hot dishes that will elate the heart. To cap off an exemplary night, specially blended cocktail drinks and dishes can be enjoyed as they experience home away from home.

The place invokes a real magical vibe because of the feel of the place. Older patrons are sure to enjoy the soothing and relaxing ambience, and appreciate good music as they dine. The younger ones on the other hand, will find their own nook in a quaint play area with toys and books to entertain them as they wait for their meal.

Service staff pays extra attention to ensure that all guests; young and old, are transported to a new world of comfort they deserve – that magical experience which Maple aims to deliver.
The design and set up of the launching was really great. It was a Rustic theme inspired which really matched the restaurant's overall ambience

what we had for brunch =)

For more info about the restaurant and the food you can visit them at the Ground Floor level Ayala Cebu Terraces beside Lemon Grass. 

you can also visit their facebook page here

Adrian' turn two: Jollibee Birthday Celebration

Monday, September 8

It was an awesome Sunday, August 03, 2014.
Adi is exactly 2 come 7 in the evening.

Those photos were taken at Jollibee Parkmall here in Cebu.
It was his first birthday party at Jollibee. =)
He loves jollibee and the spaghetti, I love that he is such an energetic and hyper little boy.
Being his mom is a bit challenging, yeah.

But for once, I knew I had to do it.
I knew that for such a little time away from work cuddling him is the most precious thing to do.

after all, it is not always everyday that we splurge on events like this.
One thing I missed is that I haven't even lit a candle up for the church. One thing I will surely need to do today.

To celebrate my son's birthday is such an exhilarating and exciting one.
I'd love to see the smile on everyone's faces and that sure is what mothers like me wanted.

To celebrate our children's life.
To celebrate our being a mom a parent.

I know i will never get old seeing him like this.
never at one point regret the money spent but forever treasure the memories.

here at the roadside watching for the Ironman Triathlon at 7 in the morning =)
If you'd like to check out the birthday packages Jollibee has to offer pls visit this link :
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