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Monday, December 10

Hi lovelies!

I apologize for not having updated this blog for quite some time. I have been busy with my day job lately, being having to update a lot of documents and finish some processes to meet company goals by the end of year 2012. Well enough of that, let me go to my post today.

I have been reading a lot of reviews of skin care products lately in other beauty blogs that I follow. And of the many of them available in the market today I am really digging to try new ones that I haven't tried before. Knowing that I have oily skin, I am prone to dirt clogging in my pores =(.

I know I don't have the perfect skin, but I am trying my luck out. Who knows, I may achieve greater results.

Upon my search and curiousness, I wanted to try this AVON skin care products, which I bought at my own budget. Having that fair skin, I prefer whitening and anti-bacterial products just to help cleanse me of my face with all the dirt and makeup. Let us take a look at these products, shall we??

AVON NATURALS Whitening Papaya Cleanser

PROS: Has the mini scrubs which aids in cleansing the dirt down to the pores.
Comes in a Large tube.
Feels sticky on the face (clayish).
Leaves skin smooth.

CONS: Has the weird smell of papaya on it.
Lesser fragrance.

Over all, I find it effective. Also I have observed my sister's white pigments on the face disappeared after constant use. Though it caused her breakouts but then does not stay long and goes away.

RECOMMENDED: Yes. It is a very good cleanser.

My Set 

I start off my regimen by cleansing my face with POND's Clear Solutions Antibacterial Facial Scrub and POND's Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam.
Then, My Toner from AVON follows, just to tone my skin pores.
I love this product, it really smells good and rosy-ish. =) plus it has that toning feel in it after application. No harsh chemicals I guess as I don't get that stingy feel.
Third and final part, I dab my face with the day cream as my facial moisturizer. It has SPF which is quite good for me. I use it even at night. =)

That is it for me, my current skin care regimen. How about you?
What products are you using? Can you recommend an effective moisturizer for the oily skin?
Leave your comments below.

Till then!


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