Review + Swatch: Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick (Rose Lipstick) and Holiday Collection make up palette

Friday, June 21

A Review on the products I got from AVON last year December 2012.
This post was sitting on my drafts for quite some time already. And here, finally I am posting them on my blog .This is a scheduled post by the way =)

I bought these items at my own expenses solely for review and have not been paid for by AVON.
So, Let's get started! ............

*sorry for the poor image quality. i am using my samsung camera. the old model. I hope to get a much better camera in the future though.. Wink! =)

The packaging:

  What I love about it is that it comes in a dainty and clear cover so you can actually see the colors (eyeshadows and blush inside). It also comes with an applicator and a blusher brush. 
What I don't Like: it has no mirror into it. So you have to use a separate mirror for you to view your eyes/face in every application. It is quite big and bulky to fit in my travel kikay kit. You might need a larger kit to store it. And also, the product can get shattered easily if you drop it so it takes extra care in handling it.

The Swatch:
It is not so clear here in the photo but the colors are really great. Perfect for blending. =) I love it.

The Ultra Moisture Rich Lipsticks (Rose Lipstick) Swatch

(from L-R: royal celebration rose, rosabella rose and carmen rose)

I hope I can post a look using these products here on my blog.
have you tried these products as well?


  1. the avon makeup palette looks really nice! though the swatches doesn't look that much of pigmented but pretty colors =)

    1. Hi janet. Yes it is really nice. the swatches aren't that clear though in the photo but the colors are great and blendable as well =)

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    1. Hello Narcicus! Thank you!
      I followed your blog already and big thanks for the follow back. It makes my day! =)

  3. Ive always had gripes with Avon lipsticks because of their overly shimmery lipsticks! :| These new ones seem less shimmery though!

    1. me too i find avon lipsticks too shimmery on the lips.
      But this ones are just right. you just have to blot it with tissue though or use an lipstick brush for an even application.

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    1. hi cassie.

      Thanks for following my blog. will follow you back! =)

  5. lovely palette! it's perfect for everyday use!


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