Fitness Pursuit: Tryin' to get rid of Rice

Friday, September 13

Been wanting to lose some weight for quite some time now. I've gained maybe 5-10 lbs (from a 120+ to 130+ lbs) after I gave birth last 2012. Mind you, it's really tempting to eat. My stomach shouts at almost anything *grin*, it's hard to go on a diet especially for me who is religiously breastfeeding Adi until now (been a year).

I don't skip my breakfast since that's the most important meal of the day for me. I don't want to get gutom (hungry) when I go to work as much as possible. The added energy that I need is from there so I eat and drink Milo. *wink* let's skip the milk for late nights.

For lunch, I skip rice and eat something else. This time it's bread with my favorite Calamares (fried buttered squid)

I pair it with my favorite mayo and the ever famous YAKULT! 

I might say, my stomach was filled though. Thank God! I thought I would not but I might as well get used to this. I'm happy that I am already a step closer to my goal.... to lose weight.

Well, hopefully this routine would go on as I please. Discipline is key here. *wink* So, the best of luck to me.

*I am also looking into eating potatoes, brown rice and oatmeal as my rice substitute.

That's it for me today!
See you in my next one....

Till then,

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