Dressing My Truth

Friday, August 29

My type 3 outfit - After i discovered my tru self

before i discovered i was a Type 3
Just as so you may know, there are 4 types of people. Definitely not the thing to be confused of but we all show those 4. But one of those is the dominant one and its certainly the thing that holds true to our being human.

That we all are made of these 4 elements and we unconsciously exude them in our traits, behavior, thought process and our physical appearances.

I am so glad to be able to share it to all of you too. I would like to know your thought about the two photos above. I guess, you would definitely go for the first one. =)

That's my type and the below image is not so my type, I look so masculine instead of looking feminine in that floral skirt. Definitely the black colored top also does not suite me.

I will talk about more of it very soon, how this profiling has really helped me understand my being me.

For more info, you can also head out to http://thecarolblog.com to know more about what I am talking about.

For now, let's bask in the sunshine and head out to the beach???


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