Pictures of Recently Enjoyed Things

Wednesday, October 21

This is another blog series I am having here in my blog which was inspired by this blogger I follow and inspire me in a significant way, I like her natural living style and her manner of taking photos. I hope I do justice with mine and I hope you enjoy. If you like this post, please share and do some for your blog too. Leave the link for your blog down in the comments section for me to view. 

my second trimester essentials which by the way are way more affordable that those items from preggy celebrities. =) but i enjoyed having them as much as because I needed them badly. 

ITEMS: Non-fat milk rich in calcium, wet wipes because really i need to clean up and hygiene is important, oatmeals, natural organic lip balm from human nature, and my awesome panty liners baby

Adrian has been into educational stuffs including this toys lately. I love how colorful they are and how I can play with them too!

Scribbling time again, to let the stress out from work. This pen does glory! 

Adi, watching watercolor art in youtube! Artist wanna be baby! 

And finally a picture of us! 


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