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Wednesday, November 16

Hi friends! Finally I am recovering from a lot of mommy duties and my body has slowly adjusted with the daily duties. Being a full time mom is great and I love every bit of it because now I can get to spend
time with my kids. 😊 Lately, Ami and Adi had been growing up really fast that I could only see the growth with my camera. Lol. Adi is 4 and Ami is turning 1 next year.

I have been so busy lately that I am only online on a few days to check my emails. Mom duties first of all. I have posted some of this post also before of my recently enjoyed things, just some random photos that I took because they give me happiness and also fulfillment. I would like to make this a regular entry as well and also incorporate some of my life goal updates, when I finally accomplish them. But, there are also a lot of priorities in my mind today like what to do in the future. Maybe. I'm really overwhelmed whenever I am online. I am planning to take the kids out hopefully next year. More time for myself and of course regular healthy meals and checks with the doctor. I hope to give more time and attention to my family's health also. I am getting serious with my physical emotional and spiritual awareness now that I have more free time.
I hope you get your share of some alone time too and just being mindful of the things that make you happy and feel more alive. Whether it may be your hobbies, relationships and moments.

Till my next post guys! Mwah! 😉

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