Another Beauty Haul that was Never Posted!

Tuesday, October 17

I have been really busy lately with all the Home Jobs as a Work from Home Freelancer lately that I scrolled to one of my photos a few years back and yes! I miss dolling myself up!

I started beauty blogging a long time ago and I was quite surprised at how vain I was before! Ha!
Yeah, I bought these items and forgot to post about them. The beauty blogging scene has changed quite tremendously with all the new beauty products out there in the market, one can only get lost in a sea of beauty and self-care products for all women of all skin care and skin types!

If you are one like me who love hoarding beauty kinds of stuff you are in the right place because I will also be sharing some beauty hauls in the future, just to keep this blog alive! 

I love looking back at my old posts and that is one aspect I love about how I run my personal blog because it allows me to tell my story in a very intimate type of way.

What beauty products have you hoarded lately? What are your recent best finds?

Let me know, I would love to hear about them.

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