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Friday, April 21


PURPOSE: 1. Provide children different kinds of interesting and educational stories; 2. Help children to cultivate a good habbit with rightouse personality; 3. Start reading easy English-language stories for preparing their English education. Help your kids away from Phone!! Some parents experience difficulties in educating kids between six to twelve years old. Let your child read these 10 books. It's better than punishment. This series of books (10 books per series) targets 6-12yrs old children who are in the critical period when both their bodies and brains are growing fast. TITLES: “Growth Diary of Good Kids”: 1. Good Habits with All My Life 2. Share Your Gratitude 3. I Am Really Self-Controlled 4. I Am Really Great 5. To Be Honest 6. Brave to Face Difficulties 7. Learning Is Not Scary 8. To be Lenient 9. To Be Independent 10. Parents Are Not My Servants

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