A New Bedroom Pop Coming Up: Is This Another Renzo Sy Bop?

Sunday, July 2

 Renzo Sy, a 24-year-old Cebuano musician, is set to serenade fans with another single, icply. The title is the initials for the simple yet emotionally laden phrase, “I could probably love u.” His single release will be on June 30 via spotify and other streaming platforms.

The song is a unique combination of indie synth and bedroom dance pop. So listeners are treated to the sound reminiscent of The Weekend, Clairo, and Rex Orange County.

It already sounds like a bop, right? But that’s not the only catch. The relatable lyrics speak about one’s feelings and intrusive thoughts—just before falling madly in love with the object of their affection.

ICPLY was written last year, I think around July. Then I sent the track to the awesome guys at Nevermnd Studios. They did a great job helping me; the sound is fully fleshed out and mastered. I’m happy with how it turned out,” shared Sy when asked how it all started.

Although he doesn’t often write bright and happy tunes, he is thrilled with the summer pop vibe of ICPLY.

He said, “The dance pop-inspired bass lines and beats merged with anthemic, summer pop type of synths make this track sound familiar yet weirdly refreshing.” He added that the tunes’ overall vibe completely fits the song’s words and meaning.

Renzo Sy and His Eargasmic Passion for Unique Musical Combinations

Renzo Sy was born and raised in Cebu. He is a truly homegrown artist known for his unique genre of upbeat music with a “sad boy” vibe. He debuted his first single in 2019 entitled Dress.

“People often ask me why I do what I do. And I always tell them I love fusing melancholic lyrics with catchy, vibrant production. If I can make people dance their tears away, I feel like I’m creating a fresh and relatable perspective amidst a pessimistic world.”

After successfully entering the music industry, he has been releasing more singles. His discography includes Hourglass, Your Universe, For You, Wanted, Perfectly, Inside, Nangangamba, Can’t Be With You, Tipsy, and Diane.

Earlier this year, he also released two singles: Supernatural and halfway.

But does he have an apple of his eye in all these songs? Definitely.

He excitedly shared, “My favorite song was the one I released in 2022 called Wanted. It’s a charming sample of the uniqueness of my genre. Its lyrics are all about “the breakup is killing me,” so it’s a perfect sad boy vibe check. But the beat and production are so boppy and anthemic. Everyone who listens to the track can scream and relate to it.”

Are You Excited for His New Single?

The only thing left is to wait for Renzo Sy to share another product of his artistry with the world. While waiting, go to Spotify and stream his singles to catch up with his music.

He is also set to launch a full-length album by next month. 


For more information on the indie musician Renzo Sy, visit his website at withkoji.com/@renzosy. You can also connect with Renzo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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