V1BE Is Taking “Good Vibes” To A Whole New Level this October

Monday, September 4

Are you ready for Cebu’s largest Oktoberfest-inspired party of the year?

V1BE Booze and Arts Festival is coming to the city on October 27, 2023, at the SM Seaside

Concert Grounds. This event, organized by L Squared Productions, offers many fun activities

celebrating the best of both German and Cebuano festivities.

“As an Oktoberfest celebration, V1BE will be home to various alcohol and liquor brands catering

to different segments. We are also featuring some of the local music industry's biggest names.

All of these together make going to V1BE a whole ‘vibe’ in itself,” said one of the head


The representative from L Squared Productions also shared that V1BE’s immersive and

engaging experiences inside the venue make it unique. So here’s a sneak peek inside the V1BE

Booze and Arts Festival 2023 that you don’t want to miss.

Booze + Eats: A Toast for Fun

It’s not going to be an Oktoberfest without booze. So, a themed and well-curated selection of

food choices, beer, and other liquor will be available in V1BE. V1BE festivities will also feature

authentic and local booze favorites for Cebuanos to enjoy.

Bring the Live Beats In

Taking the festival to another level of fun means letting the music take center stage.

V1BE will be headlined by the country’s finest artists— from Rico Blanco, Shanti Dope,

Urbandub, 6cyclemind, Chocolate Factory, Agaw Agimat, and Gracenote, to a new wave of

artistry from Zild, Dilaw, Sunkissed Lola, to Hey June!.

Awesome DJs are also set to hype the party with more cool beats.

Arts and Culture in the Mix

Wait, there’s more! V1BE is a mix of experiences for all, aiming to differentiate itself versus

other music festivals out there.

“We want our customers to go to V1BE not solely because of the drinks, music, or experiences.

We want our guests to go because it’s a vibe they don’t want to miss out on,” added one of the


Catch the Vibe, Join the V1BE

Play beer pong and other carnival games with your friends. Take a snap at all thematic

installations, like V1BE astronauts, inflatables, and dedicated Instagrammable spots. Take

home limited edition t-shirts to commemorate the fun event. Win a photo op with your favorite

artists. Relax with your drink at air conditioned tents if you’re an SVIP+ ticketholder. And enjoy

other exciting activities only at the V1BE Booze and Arts Festival.

V1BE partners with Ticket2Me for more ticketing fun

V1BE has recently announced its partnership with Ticket2Me, the country’s only fully digital,

end-to-end ticketing company that can serve both live and online events.

This year, Ticket2Me has welcomed Enrique Gil as its Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and new

investor, cementing its position in the industry as a fast-rising platform for all ticketing-related


“We’re excited to work with Ticket2Me to take V1BE to greater heights,” L-Squared added. “We

wanted to expand our distribution channels and reach more markets, something that Ticket2Me

brings to the table”.

What are you waiting for? Get your V1BE tickets now! Visit v1be.beetze.com or Ticket2Me for

more details. Check out ticket prices and all the perks you can get throughout the V1BE


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