Squirrel Stash PH Successfully Unboxed Its Goods for Cebuano Shoppers

Sunday, October 22

 Cebu City, Cebu—The new local creative community space finally opened in Cebu City. Shoppers looking for locally made and handcrafted merchandise, food, and souvenirs can now visit Squirrel Stash Maker Space. The store is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m and is located on the second floor of Shell Mobility Station - Cebu Country Club, Gov. M. Cuenco, Kasambagan, Cebu City.

“Squirrel Stash is not just any other store. We want it to be a community space where local creatives can feel more support as they display and sell all their creations. Recently, Cebuano music and art have been flourishing, and we want to be part of that vibrant industry,” the founder, Alya Simone Mongaya, shares excitedly.

“Add to Cart” With A Thoughtful Twist

Aside from advocating for the local music and arts community, Squirrel Stash pushes for a more thoughtful shopping experience. How does it embody the concept?

The brand makes sure that every piece is intentionally made, curated, and handmade. So, every piece is unique—with its own personality and style. As you buy gifts or souvenirs for your loved ones, you know it’s one of a kind. Moreover, every purchase is a support to local small businesses.

According to Alya, “We call them Partner Makers. They occupy the different spaces in our shop. If anyone is interested, we still have display spaces available. Just connect with us on Facebook or Instagram, and we’ll guide you throughout the process.”

Enthusiastic Turnout on Grand Opening

Last October 18, the store held its grand opening—and it was a blast. The first few customers enjoyed a 5% discount upon checkout while bringing a friend or family member.

During the opening day, music filled the space as the shoppers filled their baskets with the goodies. Indie bands, Kana, Kubra Commander, Cosmic Kid, and Hollywood Folk Hogan, lightened the mood with their acoustic sets.

“The customer turnout exceeded our expectations. Clearly, there is a market for handmade, local products. We can’t wait for more artists, crafters, and makers to partner with us and display their products at our shop,” said the founder with a smile.

Squirrel Stash products include stickers, accessories, tote bags, art prints, music merch, and other creative handcrafts. 

Among the many makers displaying their work are Happy Garaje, Bastinuod, Dried Flowers PH, Kirby’s Chicharon, HI.N.MU, The Flower Pressery, Doris Doodles, Azalea, Gypsea Heart, Notes Unlimited, Studio Clarie, Martian Lunchbox, Bhagari Arts and Crafts, The Ramen Bucket, jo.kuneho, Better in Knots, Kimekocchi, Mintchipsu, Mawast, Studio Mikee, Abi.Vbu, Michiko Nina, Loser Mangaka, Unit B, Playground PH, Lawruh & Kurluh, Smelly F3et, LeRed, Keziah Kitsche, Mykill, Elithing, Cami Art, Yanla, Paper Bag Art, Loui Blings, Chemkimistry, Per Quill, Himaya, Gantsuelyo, Booquery, Feebee Bacs Crafts, Deko Boon, In His Handicrafts, Norafam, and JK Donghua Stationary. 

So, don’t forget to stop by Squirrel Stash. Remember, every purchase is a support to the growing Cebuano art and music community.

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