A Christmas Blessing Celebrating Abi's Christening

Wednesday, May 8

It was December 24th, 2023 and we had prepared a simple celebration for Abi and to welcome her to the Christian world. Amidst the festive magic of Christmas Day, our family gathered for a truly extraordinary occasion - the christening of our third child, Abi. It was a day steeped in the spirit of love, gratitude, and divine blessings, weaving a tapestry of cherished memories that will forever grace our hearts.

The anticipation for Abi's christening had been building for weeks, as we meticulously prepared every detail to ensure a celebration worthy of the significance it held. From adorning the venue with twinkling lights and seasonal decorations to selecting the perfect gown for Abi, every decision was made with love and reverence.

As the sun rose on Christmas morning, casting a warm glow upon the world outside, we felt a sense of profound gratitude and joy. Surrounded by our loved ones, we gathered in the embrace of our church, ready to embark on this sacred journey together.

The ceremony itself was a beautiful blend of tradition and holiday spirit, as Abi was baptized with water and anointed with oil, symbolizing her entry into the Christian faith on this most auspicious day. With each solemn prayer and heartfelt hymn, we felt the presence of something divine, guiding us on this sacred path.

One of the most touching moments of the day was when Abi's godparents stood by our side, pledging their unwavering love and support for her throughout her life's journey. It was a testament to the bonds of family and faith that unite us, even amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

As the ceremony drew to a close, we emerged from the church and it was kinda hot outside and we took some photos with the whole family, hearts brimming with joy and gratitude.

In the days that followed, we reflected on the profound significance of Abi's christening and the blessings it bestowed upon our family. It was a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas - a celebration of love, hope, and the miraculous gift of new beginnings.

As we tucked Abi into bed that night, nestled snugly beneath a blanket of stars, we whispered a prayer of thanks for the precious gift of her presence in our lives. For in her, we have found the truest embodiment of the Christmas spirit - a beacon of light and love that will guide us through the darkest of nights.

Abi, may your life be filled with the wonder and magic of Christmas, today and always. You are a cherished blessing, a precious gift from above, and our hearts overflow with gratitude for the joy you bring into our lives.

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