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Our McDonald's Grand Halloween Family Fun Day Experience

Wednesday, October 26

Hi Friends! Adi and I got invited to one of the most sought after kiddie party in Cebu this Halloween Season, the McDonald's Grand Halloween Family Fun Day. It was their second time to hold it here in Cebu, we were also invited the first time but were not able to make it then. 

I was excited at the same I was worried that Adi won't want to come. I have been very cautious about attending Halloween Kiddie parties in the past since Adi had experienced trauma regarding the scary side of the celebration. He got very much scared when he saw halloween costumes ramping around malls that he threw tantrums everytime we went inside the malls. It was desperate time for us. 

But thanks to youtube halloween videos, this eventually went away. So when I told him we were going to a Halloween party, I was honestly surprised that he was very eager to tell me he was going to be that witch pointing the scene from youtube with the song phrase "there's a witch flying round and round". I can't tell you how happy I was. So by then, I knew I had to be more creative and take all my creative powers to diy the costume. Thankfully, I was able to create it in time. 😊 

So much effort was gone into this that it deserves   another blogpost. 😂 I will talk about how I diy-ed this costume with the help of my mom in another post. 

So anyways, the call time was 8 am, and me having to take care of a 9 month old baby, I knew I had to wake up early to get my game going and so I asked the help of my mom and the husband.

I already prepared the things I would need to cover the event the night before as well as the things we would bring there.

When we arrived, the venue was already filled with moms, excited families like us and kids dressed in beautiful halloween costumes. You can really feel their excitement.

 Just one of the families taking their poses on the Photobooth. Payment was 20 pesos for each photo.
 And so we lined up hurriedly, and striked our own poses. I picked the photobooth from outside as it's not that crowded yet and to be honest, I wanted Adi not to panic when we finally go inside the convention hall. Lol!

 Here's the stage. The screens were huge and the place has enough space for everyone to sit and watch the show. I love that everyone can get to enjoy spending time with their families through this kinds of event and also for the kids to interact with other children through play. Every kid who signed up got to enjoy their Mcdo 1 pc Chicken McDo Meal.
 The booths where the kids can play around. Photo credits to Jervie Montejar of 😊
 Kids who joined the event also get to have free Halloween Hats, cape and Halloween pumpkins to complete their Halloween look!

But of course, we didn't arrive home empty handed. Coca-Cola Philippines gave this awesome tote bag that came with Coca Cola products in it. Thanks Coca Cola Ph! And also Adi got this cute toy from their Happy Meal pack, it was their hotwheels toy and he really enjoyed playing with it afterwards. 

Thank you McDonald's for the awesome party. We surely had a great time and we would surely join next year with the whole family.

This year also marks the first time for the event to happen in Manila this coming October 29th at the World Trade Event Center in Manila. So moms from Manila get your halloween costumes ready.

Thank you for Reading! I hoped you enjoyed as much as we did.

Till my next post, guys!

The 8th Best Cebu Blog Awards Night is Here!

Friday, November 27


This coming December 06, 2015 is a night of recognition and the awarding of the best of the best bloggers in town. Woot! The Best Cebu Blog Awards (BCBA) is celebrating it's 8th Awards Night. yes you heard it right!

As co-presented by Smart Communications, Inc.,  BCBA will once again acknowledge the excellent works of Cebu - Based Bloggers over the year. Isn't this exciting enough? ^_^ I can personally get to meet some awesome bloggers whom I follow and secretly stalk online. ^_^ Apart from that I get to witness the winners receive their respective awards. To be honest, I am very grateful to be invited to grace this event.

I am deeply honored to be one of the five finalists under the Best Cebu Personal Blog Category. Honestly, I never thought that my blog would reach this milestone. I simply dedicate this blog to all moms out there especially my fellow Cebu Nanays, fellow mommy bloggers, to my mom and to all single moms who are just pure awesome. Also, to our little angels, our kids, our babies who fill our lives with so much joy. Our kids are our inspiration and thus, my blog It is with real gesture of love and sincerity that I make 'hugot' all my personal thoughts, creative ideas for the home, even make shift toys which I haven't gotten the time to post yet. I will soon! My blog is bit personal but there is nothing more universal than being real. Thank you so much BCBA for this recognition. Win or lose.

Thank you to all the Sponsors who make this event successful. 

Silver Sponsors

Donor Sponsors

Media Partners

Event Photographer


Geemiz: Accounting Blog

Live. Love. Blog!
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#CBSTalks: Best Blogging Practices on Nov 28th

Thursday, November 19

Hi Mommsies and Fellow Cebu Based Bloggers! now is the time of the year for us to gather once again to collaborate and innovate the blogging scene in the Queen City of the South!

Cebu Bloggers Society (CBS), Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino and Smart Communications would like to proudly present this year's #CBSTalks: Best Blogging Practices

I can't wait to see all the speakers from whose blogs I also stalk and follow =). I already registered, and I hope to gain more insights from them about best blogging practices and taking my blogging career to a whole new level.

Below are some of Cebu's renowned bloggers who will speak at the event.

Samsung Happy Home Roadshow Hits Cebu

Wednesday, November 18

The Bautista family showed how they enjoy the many conveniences at home made possible by Samsung products. Samsung presented their products in a fun way through a short drama that portrays a typical Filipino family who's just upgraded their home with Samsung's latest appliances.
Last November 10, Samsung Happy Home Roadshow finally hit the shores of the Queen City of the South. Cebu Bloggers Society were invited to grace the event held at Ayala Center Cebu Activity Center. I was grateful to be a part of it I was filled with amazement with their products for the family and the home.
This family experience was showcased during Samsung Happy Home roadshow featuring Samsung’s range of new products, including Television, Home Entertainment Solutions, and Digital Appliances. The roadshow kicked off in Manila last August and was followed by Mindanao leg in Davao and Cagayan de Oro and Visayas leg in Bacolod. On their fifth run, Samsung Happy Home roadshow went to Ayala Center in Cebu and will continue in key cities such as Naga and Iloilo throughout the year, letting more families see how Samsung could help them create a happy home.

CBSi celebrates 7th at Marriott Hotel Cebu

Saturday, February 14

What a great day to celebrate the Valentines Day! I hope you are having a blast as you are reading this post wherever you are in the side of the world.

Today, I am really honored and humbled to be a part of the 7th Anniversary Celebration of Cebu's Premiere Blogging Community.

Blogging has really been a great part of my journey as an individual and as a person. I have grown so much and learned a lot from it. Writing was always my solace. My sole companion and confidant.
Although i wished i had the chance to speak of so many things and share to anyone what my life feels like. ;)

Being into blogging shaped me and molded me as an individual.
There were times when blogging was my only escape. But now, it has become my passion.
Alongside all the stories I have read, and some I have told about, my greater goal is to really help.

To educate and help someone thru my blog.
Blogging makes me so happy whenever I get feedbacks and responses and it was what inspired me to go on. Despite all the challenges, blogging was definitely worth it after all.

Not only did I get to have an online home, I get to know other bloggers and instantly felt connected.

That I was never alone. That there is also someone like me. That I wanted to somehow belong.
And I knew that it had to be a group whom I will the same passion and vision. A group that will motivate me, encourage and help me to do what I love- blogging, and Blogging for Cebu.

CBSi is that.

I told myself wow, what an awesome group of bloggers. I want to become a part of them too!

And now, I am definitely humbled and grateful to finally become a part of. After many attempts in the past.
Thank you guys, for accepting me in and for treating me like family. Well, my online family. ;)

To this day, I congratulate every blogger. And to CBSi, for the seventh year.
You've come a long way you guys.

This 15th of Feb, CBSi with all its alumni, current and new members will be celebrating their Anniversary at Marriott Hotel.

It will surely be an awesome evening.
Official event hashtags, #CBSi7 and #CebuBloggers.

And be sure to follow us on our social media sites too for updates:

Instagram: @CebuBloggers
Twitter: @CebuBloggers

Kudos to all! Happy Seventh!

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