Manila Trip ( Day 1 )

Wednesday, May 28

hello mommsies!
back again to blog about my latest travellations at the Northern part of Luzon. =)

the office mate just got engaged and they finally tied the knot last Sunday May 25, 2014. 
A call for celebration! and we already booked the tickets months ahead and availed of the promo from Cebu Pacific. Days before departure I already made sure that I won't get lost. haha And so there, I printed the maps. =)

Day 1 - Itinerary
9:15 pm - Departure (Ceb - Mnl)
10:55 pm - Arrival (Mnl Naia term 3)
12:00 pm - Arrival at the Hotel

I was both excited and worried. yeah, this is my first time ever - to travel outside of UBEC.
I was really anxious thinking that I will be leaving my Adi behind with his situation.
Anyways, I won't be talking much I just wanted to share some of the photos I took at the Airport and the Hotel where we stayed in.

me. trying to smile despite the worries.  excited and at the same time
WHAT I WORE: ( Top: Pink Lolita, Leggings from SM Department Store, Shoes: World Balance,
BAG: Habagat )
a few shots of my colleagues who were waiting too at Mactan
airport Domestic Departure Area as well
boarded the plane! finally ...
Read some of the magazines... =)
long line for the taxi. exhausting.. arrival at manila naia terminal 3 at 11 pm =(


Conveniently tucked in the busy streets of Makati is Creekside Amorsolo Hotel. A stroll away from the Central Business District and shopping malls, this simple hotel offers basic commodities like fast internet, hot and cold showers, and comfortable beds. Perfect for backpackers, travelers, and businessmen alike, Creekside Amorsolo Hotel gives you great value for your money and lets you experience Filipino hospitality from our reliable staff.

Overall, I loved this hotel. Very clean and cozy. enough space for us and the three kiddos. =)
You can also check out their website here.

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