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Friday, September 6

Since I have become a mother to Adi last August, 2012, I have been searching for products that would suit  him, and what is best for him and his delicate sensitive skin. As mothers to our Babies who require our full tender loving care I have came up with this list, most of the products available are quite expensive and might not really suit our babies, that is why for me as a busy working career mom, I am taking this task if not so serious but in a budget-friendly perspective.

With my Adi now at 1, I am happy and grateful that he is such a good boy. A little but ample amount of effort is taken to take good care of him since he is not the type who likes to cry out for just about anything unlike other babies that I have seen growing up to. He is the type who'll just sleep, eat, and poop! I am a lucky mom.

But so much about all the ramblings, today I will be sharing with you some of the trusted products that I have been religiously buying for him up until today. Down to the list:

I use Cetaphil on his face. It's so gentle and is available for only 85 pesos.

For his hair, I use Johnson's Baby Shampoo. It's no tears formula is what i am really going for. Available locally for only 50 pesos.


Chamomile Oil (RHEA) product that I used on his tummy, shoulders and forehead right before he sleeps. I just rub a little amount on him to avoid flatulence (PANUHOT OR KABAG) he might get from the air blown from our electric fan at home. =) I love this since it has a nice scent and the oil is not hot after application unlike other oils I have tried on him, doesn't irritate his skin AT ALL. ♥ Available locally for 45 pesos.


Oilatum Bar Soap for his body. It fights off irritation and is very gentle on his skin. It is also good for diaper rashes and other skin rashes. I love this product. It is also odorless. =) Available at drug stores for only 120 pesos.

I use this to protect him from diaper rashes. =)
Petroleum jelly is an oil-based emollient (it repels water), which makes it a long-lasting lubricant to smooth and protect rough and dry skin. How? Emollients help to replace lipids by filling in gaps in between skin cells. The result? Soft, well-hydrated skin. (
Available locally for only 30 pesos.

And that's it! 

Have you tried other baby products, too?

I would love to hear from you.
till then,

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