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Navigating the Workplace as an Introvert: Embracing Your Strengths

Saturday, March 16

In the bustling world of office chatter, coffee runs, and team meetings, introverts often find themselves swimming against the current. But hey, being an introvert in the workplace isn't a drawback – it's a superpower waiting to be unleashed. So, grab your favorite beverage, find a cozy spot, and let's explore the common traits of introverted individuals in the workplace because being quiet doesn't mean you're not mighty.

1. The Power of Solitude

Picture this: it's Monday morning, and the office is buzzing with energy. Colleagues are catching up on the weekend's escapades, but you? You're savoring the quiet moments before the storm. Introverts thrive in solitude, relishing the opportunity to recharge their batteries away from the noise and distractions of the workplace. Whether it's finding a secluded corner or slipping on noise-canceling headphones, introverts know that sometimes, the best ideas come in moments of stillness.

PETC Christmas Launching

Thursday, December 3

It's the Launching of  PETC Christmas Celebration!
And the display of Christmas Card Making was a sure hit!

Here are some of the pics....

US... with our unique card...

our entry...

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