5 Tips to Boost Your Immunity during the Holidays

Saturday, November 21

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as a pregnant mom-to-be to my second child, it is but only important to boost my immune system especially with the changes in the weather this Holiday Season. and by doing so, I know that I am also getting an award for this cause I am protecting my unborn child. kidding on the award side, but yes! no harm on doing the best things for our little ones, right?

as far as I am very health concerned, i also would want to avoid getting sick the best that I can. i am a working mom and being sick and leaving work would mean a no pay for me now that my Sick Leave credits are consumed already.
Pregnancy has a definite impact on the body’s immune system. “During pregnancy, the immune system is suppressed so the father’s sperm, embryo or fetus isn’t rejected as something foreign,” says Brad Douglas, M.D. and OB/GYN Expert for JustAnswer.com.

Here are 5 Tips you can do to have a stress - free and healthy Christmas with your friends and family:

1. Eating Foods That Aid in Flu-Fighting according to Latham Thomas, a certified holistic health counselor specializing in maternal and child wellness we should eat lots of fresh citrus fruits, fresh garlic, green leafy vegetables, and lots of water. Fruits and vegetables acts as carotenoids which will help increase our immune-fighting ability while still protecting the fetus.

2. Do Some Exercise. Never miss out an opportunity to do some stretches and exercise. According to Douglas, 
“Women who exercise tend to have more appropriate weight gain, less symptomatic pain, decreased gestational diabetes, improved blood pressure control, improvement in immune system response, and even better deliveries,”
Stephanie Larson , founder of Dancing for Birth Prenatal Dancing Classes showed that in fact pregnant women are strong and not delicate.

“A regular exercise program benefits the cardiovascular system, improves blood flow, flushes toxins, keeps endocrine system working well, circulates antibodies, and reduces stress,” says Larson. 

3. Always keep a positive attitude. Maintaining a positive disposition about life during pregnancy can help us and our babies promote better health and over-all mentality too. We can almost overcome anything if we maintain a positive outlook and attitude, right? This blog is an example of my happiness outlet. =) Seek support from friends, family especially your husband.

4. Getting vaccinated and drinking lots of water. Getting flu or other viral infections can get serious during pregnancy. I for example just got tested and found out that I got UTI. I was super thankful for my doctor who advised me to take the appropriate medications since this infection can trigger contractions and early labor. Which is not advisable for you and your baby. I had UTI before and forgot to complete the 7 day treatment hence, he got them too upon birth. It is not easy mommsies, I know.

5. Take supplements and vitamins. Always get a good prenatal vitamin to keep yourself boosted with vitamins and minerals. Check with your doctor before taking additional vitamins and supplements.

Here are the list of my prenatal vitamins my doctor recommended:

  • Calvit (once daily)
  • Folic Acid (during my first trimester)
  • Hemarate (once daily)
  • Enfamama (once for third trimester)
Not only that, boost your immune system by taking Vitamin C supplements, I recommend FERN - C.
Fern- C is an immune-system booster and a potent anti - oxidant.  So is Sodium ascorbate (Fern-C) better than ascorbic acid?

Sodium ascorbate contains ascorbic acid in combination with sodium. What makes sodium ascorbate acid special is its alkaline content that counter balances the acidity of ascorbic acid. Because sodium ascorbate is usually in capsule form, it also dissolves faster than ascorbic acid which is generally in capsule form. Sodium ascorbate also stays longer in the within the body (about 12-14 hours) which can be beneficial for its antioxidant value -source

For more information about Fern-C, you may visit their website, You may also follow them on Facebook, Twiter  and Instagram.

T'is the season to be merry and healthy!

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