Love Wins!

Tuesday, March 21

Why do we do these things?
Certain pauses in life and being just in the moment.

Maybe because we wanted to feel more alive.
More than the things that this world has to offer I personally believe that we are what we do best and the most.
LIFE is a wonderful journey if we just learn to see the good side of things. I honestly don't want to miss this opportunity, one that leaves us in awe and at the same time discomfort. It has been a long day that day.

I just had to take a moment to pause and live.
A few more days, I thought and I'd be leaving my comfort zone my home and my kids to do the thing I love and I hope to hone.
Getting to the things you want can be quite surprising, just like any day. That's life! You just don't know what is to happen next but your way of reacting to it and how you manage to get along with it is what makes it funnier and arguably disastrous if you don't come strong, confident and prepared. 

I still have to conquer my fears some of them not that big but a lot of them bigger than my dreams and it takes a lot of mind tricks! I don't know if that is how I MANAGE my self but it's just how I try to maintain a sane life. Apart from blogging though. 

A few more days, and I will be working my ass off but for the love of it. I have always loved engaging people through the things I write here. I want to influence them through my posts. I want people to know that they are not alone in their journeys and questions about life in general. We are all the same. One big thing that I learned from social media and blogging. Imagine doing and being this long for 7 years. We feel that we are connected in some intricate form of expression and language the world has not known before.

I will be forever in awe and for me still LOVE Wins!

And one day
she discovered 
that she was fierce,
and she was strong,
and full of fire
and not even she herself
could hold herself back
because passion 
burned brighter than her fears.

photo: taken by my mom (thanks for your unending love and support)

to my kids Adi and Ami I love you both with all my heart!

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