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5 Reasons Why Life is Good at the Beach

Sunday, April 16

Oh! It is Summer and the weather is starting to get real HOT!
I can not believe it is April. Times flies by so fast that I am starting to freak out because I haven't planned going out with the family. 

Living in Cebu beside the awesome beaches is overwhelming in a way because I always felt entitled to go and see the beach and smell the summer air.

Hitting the beach with my loved ones is always a good idea here is why:

1. You get to bond with your family. Yes definitely go hit the beach with your family. It is the best time to de-stress and just enjoy with them.
2. You get to revitalize your body. Enhance your survival skills while in the beach and commune with your inner self. Saltwater has been proven to contain elements and ions that contribute to our body's well being. Floating in the water and skinny dipping in the sand for sure has a lot of benefits your body will enjoy.

3. You get to connect with Nature. Even for a day, going out and seeing the crystal blue waters of the beach has its proven health benefits. Nature has its way of healing our spirit that no other thing in the world can. Enjoy the summer sun and let the sweat come out.

4. You get to practice survival skills. When you are in the beach, you learn to practice your inner survivor. Practice your survival skills like cooking without the stove or preparing your "kinilaw" right at your cottage. Yes, swimming can get very tight and a hungry stomach can teach you a lot. 

5. You get to capture still moments with the kids. If you are a mommy like me, priceless moments can be captured at the beachfront or at the shore. You can go Moana like and be in awe with how blessed you truly are. Your soul is instantly healed with joy and serenity you will not regret spending your hard earned moolah.

How about hitting the beach right now? It is the Easter and its a long weekend. Always achieve your goals in life even though things can get very busy. Make time to care and enjoy life's precious wonders.

Happy Easter!!! 

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