Cute Flower Girl Dress Ideas

Wednesday, August 22

Ever since I have always wanted to have a baby girl. I gave birth to my first born baby boy who is now 6 years old and I always envy moms with girls because it's so cute to see their babies wearing cute and trendy outfits.
Among the very first thing I love looking online are girl dresses which include some items I tend to see on Instagram. Instagram these days are full of fashion inspiration including kids! And that makes my heart pump a lot. Seeing all those cute baby girls rocking their style and cute fashion statements.

So, when I gave birth to Ameila, I was really super happy! That moment we found out we are going to have a baby girl excites the mommy in me, Lol!

I was already digging the internet to find cute clothes that I could let her wear. Amongst the things I love doing during my free time is searching and saving items over at Pinterest!  If you are on Pinterest, don't forget to follow my account here.

Mommies like me are just quite fortunate to see a lot of information today on the internet. You know you are a certified millennial mom if you constantly browse for information online and even shop online!

The world is constantly changing and that includes our motherhood styles as well. Lifestyles of moms at this age is also ever changing with the advancement of technology.

My favorite shops at the moment include LazadaZaful, and my newly discovered shop Angrila.

You can find there the wide range of cutest flower girl dresses for any occasions like weddings, and among them are these cute flower girl dresses. The designs are really elegant and classy.

The ball gown style, the layers, the #tulle, the fabulousness of these all! 1, 2, 3 or 4? Which is your favorite? Use the code 'IG10' to get $10 off discount girl dresses .

Are you fund of online shopping too? Check out my favorites here.

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