10 Ways to Raise Kids to Follow Jesus

Saturday, May 13

  Raising Godly Children is a goal that many parents aspire to achieve. In a world where values and morals are constantly changing, it can be a challenge to instill a strong faith foundation in children.

However, with the right mindset, strategies, and support, parents can raise children who have a deep understanding of God's love and purpose for their lives.

By modeling positive behavior, prioritizing spiritual growth, and cultivating a strong community, parents can raise kids who not only know about God but also experience a personal relationship with Him.

In this way, they can build a foundation of faith that will help their children navigate the challenges of life with grace, compassion, and a steadfast commitment to God's will.

Set an Example

One of the most important ways to teach your children to love Jesus is by modeling the faith yourself. Live out your faith in your everyday life.

Attend Church Regularly

Regular church attendance can help your children develop a sense of community and belonging within a religious community.

Read the Bible Together

Reading the Bible together as a family can help your children learn more about Jesus and His teachings.

Pray Together

Praying together as a family can help your children develop a personal relationship with God.

Encourage Questions

Encourage your children to ask questions about their faith and provide honest answers.

Celebrate Christian Holidays

Celebrating Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter can help your children understand the importance of Jesus' life and teachings.

Discuss Christian Values

Discussing Christian values like kindness, forgiveness, and love can help your children understand how Jesus wants them to live.

Serve Others

Encourage your children to serve others in their community, which is one of the core teachings of Jesus.

Use Christian Resources

Use books, music, and other resources that reinforce Christian values and teachings.

Foster a Sense of Gratitude

Teach your children to be grateful for their blessings and to thank God for them. This can help them develop a deeper appreciation for Jesus' teachings.

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