How I Feel About Us Having our 3rd Baby

Saturday, May 13

Every mother's feelings about having a third baby are unique and can vary depending on various factors, including personal circumstances, lifestyle, and family dynamics. 

However, some common emotions and concerns that mothers may experience when considering having a third child include the following including my own feelings about it. 


Many mothers feel a sense of excitement and joy at the thought of expanding their family and bringing another child into the world. 

How do I deal with this feeling?

As a mom of two myself, for over 10 years, I was really elated to know that we are finally expecting our 3rd child after 7 years. 

Personally, I didn't expect it at all. But it was indeed one of my desires to have a baby again. God granted my wish and here we are. 



Adding another child to the family can also be overwhelming and anxiety-inducing for some mothers, especially if they are concerned about balancing the needs of multiple children. 

How do I deal with this feeling?

I take some time to reflect on what Is it that I really want. I also consider the positives of having a third child and how it may enrich our family dynamic.


Some mothers may experience guilt or worry about how a third child will affect their existing children and whether they can provide enough attention and resources for all their kids.

How do I deal with this feeling?

I recognize that this feeling is normal. And that it is part of the decision-making process, esp because I really decided to have this child. I simply understood my own reasons that I really want to expand our family and I want my children to enjoy having each other around.

Financial concerns

Another common concern for mothers considering a third child is the financial impact of adding another person to the family, including the cost of childcare, education, and daily expenses.

How do I deal with this feeling?

I always make sure that I look at our budget and look for means to earn extra income online, I started selling online in 2019 and it has really helped us with our finances. I make sure that I prioritize our spending by focusing on things that really are essential like food, monthly rental expenses as well as healthcare.

Personal goals

Some mothers may feel conflicted about having a third child if they have personal or career goals they want to pursue and worry that having another child will limit their ability to do so.

How do I deal with this feeling?

I set realistic expectations for myself and my family. I understand that having a third child may require some adjustments to my personal goals, but it doesn't mean that I have to give up on them entirely.

My decision to have or expect a third child brings up a wide range of emotions, from excitement and joy to anxiety and guilt. It's important to address these feelings and concerns in order to make an informed decision that's right for us as a family. 

By taking steps to deal with financial concerns, personal goals, and feelings of guilt, I can approach the decision with a clearer understanding of the challenges and rewards that come with expanding my family. I also remember to seek support from loved ones and professionals, prioritize my needs and goals, and trust in my ability to adapt and thrive as my family grows. With careful consideration and planning, having or expecting a third child can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience.

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