Tutorial 001: Simple Smokey Eye Tutorial

Thursday, March 21

Hi there lovelies!

Today, I will be posting my first eye makeup tutorial. =) I am a bit excited and anxious about posting one on my blog but since this is my first try please be good to me. =)

Lately, I have been gaining followers on this simple blog, today I wished to share to you my simple eye makeup look.

I am not really a professional make up artist but, I am inspired to be one and further hone my skills on this field. I am in love with makeup but just sad to say I can only afford the not so expensive products but I also consider quality above all.

Tutorial: How to Tell that HE is just not into YOU

Wednesday, January 9


How is your day goin' today?

I am back again to share to you some of my knowledge on guys.
They are adorable. yes. But they can also take advantage of you girl.
Warning: This post is intended for teenagers specifically those who are at the stage of dating, courtship, and whatever you call it type of getting-to-know, getting-hitched thing much worse when you are friend zoned.

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