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On this day -- of HEARTS

Thursday, February 12

On this day, I want to thank you for being who you are.
On this day, I want to be grateful for all my friends, my subscribers, my ever secret stalkers/ readers.
On this day, I want to break free from the dark secrets of my past.
On this day, I want to embrace the new me.
On this day, I will feel beautiful.
On this day, I will be happy.
On this day, I will sing songs of love and affection.
On this day, I promise forever.
On this day, I will count my blessings.
On this day, I will allow myself the time to think.
On this day, I will be saying hi and hello!
On this day, I will run into the cold morning sun.
On this day, I will have the courage.
On this day, I will love what I see in the mirror.
On this day, I will kiss the rain.
On this day, I will hug my baby's blues away.
On this day, I will eat chocolates.
On this day, I will wear a vampy red lippie.
On this day, I will touch the flowers.
On this day, I will sleep sound.
On this day, I will imagine.
On this day, I will dance.
On this day, I will smile.
On this day, I will cook something amazing.
On this day.....

Something amazing will happen.

On this day..

Love will conquer everything.

Happy heart's day in advance.

Esp to you.
You are one of a kind. ;)

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our married life and the not-so-good stuff

Sunday, February 8

Hi Mommsies!

I'm not quite sure as well.

Just yesterday. I posted this Photo of us in my instagram account.

Great Sunday. Mine is not very great today. For the fact that there has always been chances that me and Allen misunderstand each other or sort of just don't really commit the some household stuff any more. Well, it is safe to admit that sometimes married couples despite the love and affection for one another still argue at even the same old pity stuff.

I don't even know what the blog post title relates to this blahs-o-mine but I just need a space away from the hubby I guess. As you may have read here and if you have been following my blog, Allen recently lost his day job.but I could not imagine how that would also affect his sense for the house duties when its still early morning and its quite hard for him to quit playing that game in his laptop.
I just can't remain calm any longer mommsies. I badly need an advise.

I love my husband of course and there is no question to that. I would not marry him if I don't.
 Just wanted him to somehow spend his time away from me. Maybe some time away would ease all the aches that we feel every time we argue. I no longer think this thing going on and on would be healthy for us and our son. Adi has been crying and shows silly reactions every time he sees us fighting. So there, its hard to expect that sort of support from him now. I don't really know why he is acting like that. Baka lang talaga I have a problem too?

Maybe its the way I ask him to do things? Is it because I keep raising my voice when I can't make him lists. To me?

I mean my live for him is still there. I just don't want our problem unsettled or worse things could eventually affect our relationship.

Its only a matter of time now. I wish for this to end and hopefully we can mend all of this.

And hope that by that time it won't be too late.

wish me luck mommsies!

God bless all of us and God bless our married lives!

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Monday, May 5

Advance Happy Mother's Day to you, tough Momma!

You are the sunlight in my day,
You are the moon I see far away.
You are the tree I lean upon,
You are the one that makes troubles be gone.
You are the one who taught me life,
How not to fight, and what is right.
You are the words inside my song,
You are my love, my life, my mom.
You are the one who cares for me,
You are the eyes that help me see.
You are the one who knows me best,
When it's time to have fun and time to rest.
You are the one who has helped me to dream,
You hear my heart and you hear my screams.
Afraid of life but looking for love,
I'm blessed for God sent you from above.
You are my friend, my heart, and my soul
You are the greatest friend I know.
You are the words inside my song,
You are my love, my life, my Mom.
-© Champagne S. Baker

Cook and clean
Wash and fold
Keep me warm when I am cold

Walk me here
Take me there
Mum, you sure are everywhere

you may have tangible wealth untold
caskets of jewels and coffers of gold
richer than i you can never be
i had a mother - who read to me

Source: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/a-poem-for-mom#ixzz30pMV8nfG 
Family Friend Poems 

This is Us against the Odds (Pag-ibig na Pangmatagalan)

Monday, July 16

Life has all its twists and turns and sure to attest to that is the trials we encounter in each of our relationships especially with our beloved someone, I had my own fare share and though ours was definitely not perfect we managed to get through the lowest parts of time that we were together the things and problems we get through with having each other.

  US during our first month together

The story begun last 2011, when I had just resigned from my full time job to venture other seas looking for greater opportunities but turns out to be a failure and a waste of time and money on my part and his as well, that time I moved from our house to live alone as a boarder in Colon, Cebu. I wasn’t able to cope up with my new job then due to the working schedule (graveyard it is) that easily my immune system had dropped. 

Worst part is, a few weeks after I returned home after my resignation since my body was badly affected, he also lost his job. He was a project-based employee and under an agency based in Makati. It was hard. Definitely being both the eldest in each of our families.
The usual hangouts and dates, movies, dinner were put off and set aside and we would find ourselves staying just about at home at texting each other. Priorities changed. Fun was still there since we had each other through it all. I opted to make money out of my last pay and turned a little online business alive. I found myself selling pre-owned items on the internet specifically through my facebook account you can also view my post of my online venture here.

our online venture logo and name

While we were busy looking for full time jobs, we busied ourselves roaming around Ukay Ukay Shops in town. He was with me all the way though he had to travel a 30 minute ride from Parian Cebu to our home in Mandaue, Cebu. I enjoyed myself knowing I could still make money online. We would wash the Ukay Ukay items (pre-owned blouses and Clothes) before we sold them to our customers. I made sure it smells good and ready to use upon purchase during my meet-ups with prospect customers. We were glad that Tide came handy for us with Downy we achieved a better smelling product ready to be sold. Now, even more than that here comes for us the Tide with Downy product with which we could greatly use for our pre-owned clothes business.

Right then and there, my money quickly slept away since I had to send two siblings to a state college and had to provide for their daily allowances. The search for that coveted full time job continued for the both of us. Then, I eventually got hired by an American Company based here in Cebu. I was excited, we were excited and he was there always ready to support after almost two months of being jobless finally I now have a job. though he was still - searching.

Since the day came to us, I was endorsed for Physical Exam as a job requirement. At first, I was in doubt to take the X Ray examination. Yeah, I doubt I was pregnant since I haven't had my monthly visit since November. Come December, still no signs. I told him I had to test just to confirm if I really was expecting.

At 3 am that next day, I woke up with the kit in my hand and quickly did the pregnancy test. Surprised!

It showed - two lines! Which means, we were having a baby. I was two months pregnant already. I called him and when he found about it, he had to digest everything it was clear in his voice, he was not ready but his love for me and my baby won every fear he had. He had no job yet. It was like, what-are-we-going-to-do state for us. Mixed emotions.

The set up we had isn't easy at all. He had to come every night to visit me at home while I work full time. By February, he got hired. We were happy and finally he was too. Relieved that now he can raise us his family-to-be. We had troubled days, crying nights, those arguments along my pregnancy, that adjustment stage seemed unbearable for the both of us. We were expecting a baby out of wed luck and it wasn't easy for me and him as well. We couldn't live together due to these circumstances. Came Friday night, he would stay at home with me and sleep at home just so we could bond as I was pregnant. Every Saturday morning, he would help me with my Laundry. He would eagerly help me especially with the bedsheets, those huge bedsheets, I know I couldn't lift them with the baby bump plus the additional weight it had on me. Our typical weekend together having fun doing the laundry. 

my father and sister and him during his visits at home

Now, I am on my due. About to deliver our sweet little baby boy coming end of July or first week of August. I can say that amidst all the things we were in, we stayed stronger and forever grateful that the Lord God hasn't left us without nothing. He was our guidance and that sweet little angel as our inspiration to go along. 

me during my baby shower taken last July 6, 2012

Attest to everything we've been through is Tide and Downy which helped us get along the tough times. You may watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UByYVB4glg from Tide with Downy along with all the love stories depicting ("Pag-ibig na Pangmatagalan").

Tide with Downy Bangong Padala video entitled “Pag-ibig na Pangmatagalan”

Share the love. A love that is lasting and enduring amidst hindrances.

 Till then,

My ADopted baby....(",)

Tuesday, January 11

It has been a month but it feels like we've known each other for a long time.
It is wonderful to know that in this world somebody cares and loves more than you love them.

My days are even wonderful and much colorful now that I have you "di"

Thanks for this cute little gift you had given me for Christmas! Our little baby..

I sure will take good care of her.

Just that I thought of takin her with me at work.
She looks cute at my station di.. ;-)

Look at her o! All wraped in plastic.. hehe.. But don't you worry she still can breathe! Lolz!

 Evee at my station... ;)

A closer look at Evee.. 

The sight of her not only brightens my station but my day as well!

that's meh.. busy takin her photos.. (wala magawa talaga c timoy!)

Thanks timoy for the other pics! ;-)

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