Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks

Tuesday, May 14

Finally, the matte lippies have arrived.

They have after two weeks of waiting. yey!
These babies are my prizes for winning a promo from a Local Cosmetics brand here in the Philippines.
The EVER BILENA READ my Lips Promo announced on ther Facebook Page!

I had so much fun joining the promo, that I didn't even think of winning it. I just love their matte line of lipsticks that I immediately purchased one in the mall just around Cebu. The price, affordable! =)
The color pay off is great and can compete with other expensive imported brands in the market.

Here is my winning entry:

With the caption:

MY go to Lippie for those stressful moments at the office. I love how this lipstick transfroms my look. Plus it is affordable and perfect for the working moms like me. Thank you Ever Bilena Cosmetics Inc.
After a few weeks, I was super happy I was picked amongst all the entries.
And became part of their 20 winners.... =)

The Package:

I super love the colors!
I will be posting the swatches very soon. Hope you keep on visiting and thanks for reading!
Till my next post!

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