LOTD (Lipstick of the Day): Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Love That Red

Thursday, May 23

I have been using Ever Bilena Lipsticks for a month now. The matte lipsticks have really got me hooked since the day I heard the matte lipstick line.
Ever since I got into the world of beauty blogging, I wanted to try out some really good products out there in the market. I am in search for affordable ones but one that does not put it off quality wise.

i love matte lipsticks, if you haven’t noticed i am into matte lipsticks lately since i have oily skin and putting it on does not add on the shine i have on my face. Lol :-D .
good thing i found ever bilena in love that red. it is the my go to lippie for those stressful days and moments in the office.
here is a closer look at the product:

what i like:
  • affordable (for only 155 pesos)
  • good color pay off for a matte lipstick (really red)
  • easy to apply and glide on the lips
what i don’t like:
  • packaging (aesthetically wise not so girly looking) :-D
  • dries off easily :-(
  • does not last long you may need to reapply
  • blots, stains on my coffee mug used in the office
My over all rating: 3 out 5
so far i am loving this lipstick. it transforms my look with just one application without being too quirky. =)
you may grab one at the stores near you or you may visit Ever Bilena on facebook and like their facebook page for their product updates and promos.
how about you? have you tried this lipstick too?
do leave your comments. :-)


  1. I have that lippie as well :) thanks for dropping by :) xoxo

    1. i super love this lipstick plus its very affordable pa gyud

  2. I have a few of these EB matte lipsticks, and I like them too. My fave shades are Mirrored Mocha, Pink Flame, Skin and Mauvey :)

    Love that Red suits you! :)

    1. hi aya!. thanks! i really love this lippie.. it's a staple in my beauty kit =)

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