Life Lately and Welcoming Baby Ami!

Saturday, February 6

Hi there!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin After a long hiatus, I am finally writing again, on my husband's laptop.
It's been a long time since my last updated post, so yeah I have got a lot of things to talk about but I'll just let this moment sink in first off.

If you guys noticed, I left my day job and now focusing on my two little ones.
Mind you it was not an easy transition.
I left my job without much savings cause yeah most of my money went to my maternity expenses. The hubby also was not at ease at first and we had a few adjustments made on the first few days.

The whole 3rd week of December last year was a bit of a relaxation moment, I can say that at last after many years I can take this time off from the bustling busy corporate world to focus on myself being a breadwinner for almost five years, [ thanks to my sister and brother who have taken that responsibility as I am already married and having my own little family to feed and care for.]

So what have I been doing lately?
I have a lot of time now which is a good thing but the downside to it is sometimes, I don't know what to do with the time. Aside from watching and replaying Pia Wurtzbachs' videos on the winning the Miss Universe, I stare blankly at the walls. just kidding. I do some planning now which is more effective especially with the growing awesome community of creative planners here in the PH.

How do I keep up with blogging?
Not much, actually with the new baby it's challenging with the changing baby schedules. Having a personal journal actually helps. There are a lot of really awesome journal enthusiasts out there too but I personally like Mich of Seaweed Kisses. Visit her blog for some journaling ideas and inspirations.

How do I see the year ahead? Your Plans?
I have a lot in mind but there is one thing I really want to focus on, which is of course my kids Adi and Baby Ami. I also plan to take this year as a learn-something-new year, Hopefully to hone my skills in crafting if not in creating some awesome dishes for my family. Running a small business and also still making time for blogging.

And oh yeah, by the way, say hello to my Cutie Patootie.. Ami =)

She's sleeping but More updates soonest, I will have to doze myself off....
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Thanks and have a great weekend!


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