My Hospital Maternity Package ( Updated )

Monday, February 20

To my fellow moms in Cebu, allow me to share this experience once again ( I know that this post is a bit late ) hope this would help you on your search.

As you may all know, I am currently pregnant I already gave birth to our second baby. 
Expecting moms like me out there..I know we need to get through the 9 months of preparation and praying that our future delivery and baby will all be okay once we hit our term dates!

For this time around, we availed of a Hospital Maternity Package from Perpetual Succour Hospital once again.

Actually honestly, we were expecting of the same requirements but then there were already some changes. I guess after several years, the hospital has made some changes to cater more moms who would like to avail of this benefit.

If you've read my first post on my package, then allow me to update some of the requirements/details.

Updated Requirements:

  • All pregnant women are accepted no matter how many weeks pregnant unlike before you have to be at least 5 months pregnant ( i was thankful that they changed this policy because I was already passed 5 months when I decided to avail of the package - for some personal reasons )
  • Attend the orientation at OPD (out patient department)
  • PHP750.00 PHP1000.00 for the prenatal fee for the first visit, (PHP750 PHP1000.00per visit as soon as the 5k deposit is complete)
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Blood Type
  • Operative Record (if you have been previously operated)
  • HBsAg 
  • Pap Smear (optional )
  • Ultrasound
  • Uric acid ( optional )
  • Blood Certificate of Donor (to be presented on the 5th visit), if AB+ pay for the cash bond of PHP2,000.00.

After accomplishing all the requirements, have it photocopied and attach to your OPD form upon application and present the results to the OB-Gyn in charge (per team you are assigned) for interpretation at the 2nd floor Delivery Room.

  • Bring OPD Form and receipts
  • No Accompanying
  • No Epidural or Ligation
  • No Lana (oils)
  • Normal Delivery - PHP5,000.00
  • Ceasarean Delivery - PHP15,000.00
  • Normal Delivery - 3 days ward  1 day(FREE)
  • Ceasarean Delivery - 5 days ward  3 day ward (FREE)

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