Story of Inspiration: Pregnancy after a Miscarriage

Sunday, February 5

Do you knosomeone who have been into miscarriage and having that chance once again to have a baby? I bet it is not an easy moment for that couple, right?

Here is one inspiring story from Reality stars couple of 'Married at first sight'.

Reality stars Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner gladly confirmed they’re pregnant again, six months after they lost their first child at four months along. The Married at First Sight couple are feeling blessed and thankful for their rainbow baby. They’ve been waiting for this since the heartbreaking loss of their first born.

Jamie, whose long awaited dream is to be a mom can’t wait for the arrival of Baby Hehner this coming August. When asked why they’ve announced the news a little early, a source said that the stars want to empower other couples to share their good news as soon as they want to, as opposed to the well-known ‘3-month-marker,’ which others believe to be the ‘safe’ time to announce a pregnancy. They want to be able to inspire others not to be scared to come out with their baby news, even in the first trimester.

Otis opened up to PEOPLE last year about her extreme excitement for motherhood, before losing her son. You can only imagine the pain that this couple went through after losing their precious child. We’re just so glad they got through it together.

Their love for each other helped them. They’ve become each other’s strength during the tough times. Now that another baby is on its way, we can’t help but wish them all of life’s best.  Congratulations once again to this adorable couple!

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