Manila Trip ( Day 1 )

Wednesday, May 28

hello mommsies!
back again to blog about my latest travellations at the Northern part of Luzon. =)

the office mate just got engaged and they finally tied the knot last Sunday May 25, 2014. 
A call for celebration! and we already booked the tickets months ahead and availed of the promo from Cebu Pacific. Days before departure I already made sure that I won't get lost. haha And so there, I printed the maps. =)

Day 1 - Itinerary
9:15 pm - Departure (Ceb - Mnl)
10:55 pm - Arrival (Mnl Naia term 3)
12:00 pm - Arrival at the Hotel

I was both excited and worried. yeah, this is my first time ever - to travel outside of UBEC.
I was really anxious thinking that I will be leaving my Adi behind with his situation.
Anyways, I won't be talking much I just wanted to share some of the photos I took at the Airport and the Hotel where we stayed in.

me. trying to smile despite the worries.  excited and at the same time
WHAT I WORE: ( Top: Pink Lolita, Leggings from SM Department Store, Shoes: World Balance,
BAG: Habagat )
a few shots of my colleagues who were waiting too at Mactan
airport Domestic Departure Area as well
boarded the plane! finally ...
Read some of the magazines... =)
long line for the taxi. exhausting.. arrival at manila naia terminal 3 at 11 pm =(


Conveniently tucked in the busy streets of Makati is Creekside Amorsolo Hotel. A stroll away from the Central Business District and shopping malls, this simple hotel offers basic commodities like fast internet, hot and cold showers, and comfortable beds. Perfect for backpackers, travelers, and businessmen alike, Creekside Amorsolo Hotel gives you great value for your money and lets you experience Filipino hospitality from our reliable staff.

Overall, I loved this hotel. Very clean and cozy. enough space for us and the three kiddos. =)
You can also check out their website here.

5 Frugal Tips for the Working Mommies

Wednesday, May 21

As a working mom, the best way to maximize our earnings is being frugal.
After all, we have to leave our beloved little darlings at home every day to earn a decent income and be able to sustain it for their needs.
We must be able to manage our money wisely and make the most of our hard-earned moolah, right?
It only takes discipline and a strong willing determination combined with the tough love we have for our little munchies that we have been striving these all for.

There are tips and mantras that we all can live by and make them a habit. Hurray to a more Frugal Lifestyle. More Happiness and a lesser stressed face. =)

1. Eliminate impulsive buying on your credit cards.

I am a victim, as of the moment, I still have a balance on my current ccard.
But I am getting there, One tip. Do not use your credit card to pay online for useless purchases. Think Needs! not wants. Never use it when it is not really needed. Never bring one with you during malling.
Use it only for emergencies. Remember: EMERGENCIES.

So good luck to me =)

2. Bringing LUNCH BAON to work.

I have been sticking to this just recently. I am buying my food at the affordable carenderia outside our place.
The viand is just around 10 to 20 pesos. Will really save me money if I buy at the workplace cafeteria, since the viand costs about 20 to 40 pesos. I also get to eat really healthy home made food. spell nomnom.

3. Going UKAY UKAY Shopping.

Thrift shopping is way cooler and can save you a lot of money. Plus these stores offers a lot of fashion finds from dresses, vintage shoes, bag and others. Read about some of my Ukay Haul Adventure around Cebu here.

4. Have your grocery list ready.

Always  shop with that list. And learn to discipline your self when making purchases.
This way you can gain more from your money and buy only those things needed. My take on these is not easy but I am slowly also using this tool and it has helped me control my spending and my budget. I use my smartphone to have that list as well, so it becomes really handy.

5. Refrain from being online or using FACEBOOK

If you're a person who is easily persuaded by what the eyes sees, then better put down your facebook and get down to your household chores. Facebook is very deceptive. It deceives you of what reality is and what true happiness really is. It is not about the places, the great clothes, the fabulous life that your fb friends are having on your feed, it is about connection. If it's not getting the best for you, then get over it. and Smile! =)
I did this and soon became happier and not bothered about the material things my fb friends are posting on their walls/ timeline. =)

Good Luck momsies!
Let me know your tips as well. =)

Nesting for the Family

Monday, May 19

It's here.
I am finally blogging about the dream.
A dream of having my own home. with the family. with my family to be.

Allen and I had Adi two years ago. We were not married.
And we had our fair share of struggles. But we have overcome those challenges. Our love against the odds.

having a home, where we can call our own is our dream. every new family's dream.
We are now one of them. I have grown in not so well off family here in the Philippines.

We had a simple house but the lot was not ours. We rented for it. For 27 years now. same age as me.
We rented it for PHP300 pesos a month.

Well, to cut the story short, Allen and I decided to acquire a Lot near our place. In Consolacion, Cebu.
It is still under development and it's cheaper now compared to buying a furnished house and lot.

We cannot afford one so we opted for a lot. a 100-sq m lot.
payable for 5 years.

I mean it is but a great deal. i payed for the reservation and the equity. I am glad that Allen helped me out as well.

We may have meager ways of living but this will be our long term goal.
We are on our Sixth month and it'll be four years and six months more to go before we can finally call the Lot our own.

We are excited and we will do everything we can to reach that goal.

Crossing my fingers!
To God be the Glory.


I was lucky enough to know a very good broker.
You can avail of their service as well here.

Momma Guilt: What I did wrong...

Talking to my son...

It has been a challenge. A constant one lately.

Adi has acquired a skin disease recently out of the frequent itchiness and one that's out of the summer heat.

we had brought him to the pedia for the last couple of weeks and had been inducing antibiotics on him.

the rigid process of having to force Adi to drink the meds is frustrating - but i learned to master it in a way.

I gave him water afterwards, just so the bitterness won't stay on the taste buds.

The big ones in that picture went away after seven days.

There were puss. I couldn't stand looking at his situation. what my little baby boy is going through.

But i just reassured myself that everything will be okay. that all the irritabilities he is having.

the sleepless nights of having to cradle him to sleep after he's woken up by the itchiness.

i'm thankful for Allen's patience and constant reminders.

my mom's never ending support for me all through out the process.

Lately, momma brought Adi to the Bisaya healer, 'Binisaya', 'paspasan ug dahon'. is what we call it.

Adi will get yet another stroke of these again after that incident long ago when he has hid rashes on the neck.

ate soledad said, 'ugahip man ni!' (this is ugahip).. and the puss needs to go out and the blood.... i was at home catching

some sleep and momma brought him there.

I wished for it to go away!

The dreadful thing on Adi's forehead.

sometimes, i just have to endure all of it!

talking to Adi now, in a slow and in a more 'lambing' way. (I have learned that He responds more to it. He stays calm and sleeps soundly. and that makes me an accomplished mom to him, I feel great that I was able to do it. That I was able to control and refrain myself from shouting at him, that I'd be more tender towards him. )

A soothing moment for him. Reassuring him that everything will be Okay.

That WE will be OKAY.


I will be posting pics of the Handamay leaves soon... and the rest of Adi's journey until the healing of his ugahip.

DIY Wedding Wednesday: Simple Wedding Invite

Wednesday, May 14

Another DIY design inspired from tutorial.
I have been raving about the cute fonts, layout, templates and themes from PICMONKEY.
I recently upgraded my account to Royale, since it has been like forever that I have been meaning to 
finally get a hold of the cute layouts and fonts. For only 4.99 dollars, well I finally gave it a try.
That is roughly 200 plus pesos a month on my bill via EW credit card. (you also have
the option to change or cancel your membership on your account)

I have seen a lot of inspirations from their site and took advantage of the opportunity
of honing my artistic side. lols

I might as well save some moolah and the thought of personalizing some designs would be ecstatic and 
really cool. right? 

Here's one I have created my self based on their tutorial. 

I shared the masterpiece with Allen and he was just thrilled as well. =)

Now I can do my own invites, gift tags and more through the Royale Membership.

If you want to take a look at some of the wedding tutorials and inspiration, please click HERE.

have you tried picmonkey, too? Please share them on the comment box below.

Thanks for reading!

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